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What NBA players have torn their Achilles?

What NBA players have torn their Achilles?

“Several NBA players have ruptured their Achilles tendon over the past couple of years, including Kevin Durant, John Wall, Klay Thompson, Dwight Powell and Rodney Hood. This injury requires surgical repair to sew the torn edges of the tendon together.

Do NBA players recover from torn Achilles?

Achilles tendon rupture can be a career-ending injury for professional basketball players. They are expected to miss 10 months for rehabilitation and reach their post-injury peak performance level at the 2nd season back.

How long is torn Achilles recovery NBA?

It takes basketball players with Achilles ruptures about 10 months to return, though Durant was always more likely to be exceptional than average. A rehab of 10 months would have normally coincided with the 2020 playoffs, so it seemed doubtful that he would return last season.

How many NBA players tore their Achilles?

In the NBA’s 74 seasons, there are only 44 players known to have torn an Achilles tendon, 10 of whom are active today.

Did Shaq tear his Achilles?

A number of professional athletes, including NBA greats Isiah Thomas and Shaquille O’Neal, have retired early due to a torn Achilles tendon. “It’s a very difficult injury in professional athletes,” says Dr.

What sport has the most Achilles tears?

During sports stresses across the Achilles tendon can reach 10 times body weight and even the fittest individuals can rupture their tendons. Nearly 70% of all Achilles tendon ruptures occur during sports, with nearly half of these occurring while playing basketball.

What injury did Kevin Durant have?

Durant sprained the MCL in his left knee during Saturday’s win over the New Orleans Pelicans. While Nash said Monday that the Nets don’t have an exact timeline for when Durant will return, sources told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski on Sunday that the franchise expects a four- to six-week rehabilitation.

What surgery did Kevin Durant have?

— Golden State Warriors star forward Kevin Durant suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon during Monday’s victory over the Toronto Raptors in Game 5 of the NBA Finals and underwent surgery Wednesday in New York City. “What’s good everybody I wanted to update you all: I did rupture my Achilles.

Did Kobe Bryant have Achilles surgery?

Update 2 p.m.: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant underwent surgery to repair a ruptured Achilles tendon at 1 p.m. today—less than 16 hours after he was injured during last night’s game at Staples Center vs. Golden State. Lakers head athletic trainer Gary Vitti estimated the recovery time at six to nine months.

How do NBA players tear their Achilles?

A sudden stress can cause the Achilles tendon to rupture, as it did for Bryant, Matthews, and Jennings. This acute rupture explains why both Jennings and Bryant fell to the floor instantly during a game when the injury occurred. The Achilles tendon is also subject to overuse injury over time.

How to speed up Achilles tendon surgery recovery?

How To Speed Up Achilles Tendon Surgery Recovery? To speed up the Achilles tendon surgery recovery process, you may have to use a cane or crutches as support while walking. These devices work great to reduce strain and stress on your affected ankle. You should never put more weight on your ankle than your doctor has advised.

Did Kevin Durant completely tear his Achilles?

Kevin Durant had never experienced an Achilles injury before — not a tweak, not a strain, nothing. So he had no point of reference after rupturing his Achilles as a member of the Golden State

What to expect when recovering from Achilles tendon surgery?

– Swelling. Your ankle and lower leg may be swollen or bruised after surgery. – Numbness and pain. Your foot must be immobilized after the procedure to allow it to heal. – Difficulty putting weight on the leg. – Transitioning to stretching exercises. – Physical therapy. – Strength exercises.

What is Achilles tendon tear?

The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body. Despite being the largest tendon in the body,the Achilles is still prone to injury.

  • Men are about 7 times more likely to tear their Achilles. Men are much more likely to sustain an Achilles tendon rupture.
  • Certain antibiotics and cortisone shots may make you more likely to tear your Achilles.
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