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What percent of US population lives in each state?

What percent of US population lives in each state?

98% of the US population lives in the Contiguous United States. About 12% of the US population lives in California and 0.17% in Wyoming.

Which states are losing the most population?

Here are the five states that lost the most people from July 2020-21:

  • New York had a numeric decline of 319,020.
  • California had a numeric decline of 261,902.
  • Illinois had a numeric decline of 113,776.
  • Massachutes had a numeric decline of 37,497.
  • Louisiana had a numeric decline of 27,156.

Which US state has the lowest population?

Population in the states of the U.S. 2020 Wyoming had the lowest population with about 580,000 residents.

How many US states and territories are there?

50 states
The United States of America is a federal republic consisting of 50 states, a federal district (Washington, D.C., the capital city of the United States), five major territories, and various minor islands.

What 5 states had the largest population growth?

Idaho had the largest percentage population growth in 2021, followed by Utah, Montana and Arizona.

Which is the fastest growing state?

Idaho was the fastest-growing state with 2.9% growth from 2020 to 2021. Utah and Montana tied for second at 1.7%, followed by Arizona, at 1.4%.

Which state has the largest population in US?

State: Oklahoma: 424,731: 14.61: California: 328,112: 11.29: Arizona: 284,528: 9.79: New Mexico: 186,566: 6.42: Texas: 135,302: 4.65: Washington: 124,859: 4.29: Michigan: 80,734: 2.78: Alaska: 74,658: 2.57: Florida: 69,362: 2.39: Oregon: 67,769: 2.33: United States: 2,907,272: 100.00

What are the 10 most populated states in the US?


  • I-20 The I-20 is a short but deadly interstate highway that runs east-to-west through Texas,Louisiana,Mississippi,Alabama,Georgia and South Carolina.
  • I-5 The I-5 is the main highway that runs north-to-south along the west coast.
  • Which US state is largest in populaton?

    With these new contributions, the United States becomes the third largest donor to the ECW global USAID and the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, for these generous contributions.

    Which US cities have the highest population?

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