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What qualities make a good radiographer?

What qualities make a good radiographer?

You’ll need to have:

  • excellent interpersonal and communication skills in order to explain procedures to patients.
  • a supportive and caring disposition.
  • good observation skills and attention to detail.
  • self-motivation and the ability to work under pressure.
  • organisation and decision-making skills.

Why do I love being a radiographer?

Adaptability is the key to success in this role along with a keen interest in the sciences and anatomy: if you’re eager to constantly develop your knowledge in this field, boast strong problem-solving skills and are happy to work with leading medical technologies, a career in either diagnostic or therapeutic …

Why is communication important in radiography?

Communication is vital for radiologic technologists. Not only is do R.T.s have front line interaction with patients; they are responsible for explaining complex procedures, and taking accurate patient history.

Can radiographers be called doctors?

Radiographers are allied health professionals who take x-rays and other medical images to assist doctors in diagnosing diseases and injuries. They are also known as medical imaging technologists. Radiologists are specialist medical doctors trained to interpret x-rays and other medical imaging tests.

How hard is a radiography degree?

A degree in Radiography can be quite intensive. The material is not extremely difficult to learn, however, there is a huge amount of it to get through. You will have the same level of knowledge of anatomy as a Doctor. You’ll also learn a lot about technology, physiology disease and injuries.

Is radiography a boring job?

The job is physically strenuous and requires complete attention at all times. Since radiographers come in direct contact with the patients, there is no room for error because a slight error in judgment might result in delivering avoidable radiation dose to the patient or lead to a misdiagnosis at worse.

Is radiography a rewarding career?

Being a radiographer is undoubtedly a rewarding career offering tremendous employment prospects within the healthcare field. This demanding, technical discipline requires exceptional personal qualities and in return offers a flexible, professional career with a high level of job satisfaction.

What is the appropriate way for a radiographer to communicate with a patient with a hearing loss?

Communicating with People with Hearing Loss

  1. Face the hearing-impaired person directly, on the same level and in good light whenever possible.
  2. Do not talk from another room.
  3. Speak clearly, slowly, distinctly, but naturally, without shouting or exaggerating mouth movements.

What is communication in radiology?

Traditionally in the radiology literature, communication with patients is generally defined as conveying the result of the radiological examination. Communication could also be construed as a much broader concept than the transmission of a few lines of a report.

Can radiographers read CT scans?

CT scans are sometimes referred to as CAT scans or computed tomography scans. They’re carried out in hospital by specially trained operators called radiographers, and can be done while you’re staying in hospital or during a short visit.

Are radiography students confident imaging obese patients on placement?

The transcript evidence indicates that radiography students are not confident imaging obese patients independently, even after completing university-based learning and all their placements blocks. Most participants preferred to have the support of a more experienced radiographer when imaging an obese patient while on placement.

Does additional education on communication and history taking improve radiographers’ communication skills?

Therefore, it is essential that radiographers have effective communication skills and are able to provide patients with the information they require. The purpose of this study was to test whether the introduction of additional education on communication and history taking improved students’ communication skills.

Can radiography students at other institutions take part in this program?

This program has now been implemented into the mentioned undergraduate course and it is recommended that radiography students at other institutions be provided with the opportunity to develop their communication and history taking skills.

Are radiographers capable of producing high-quality radiographs?

As the prevalence of obesity rises, radiographers must be capable of producing high-quality radiographs despite difficulties presented such as inadequate radiation penetration, increased scatter/poor image quality, and compromised surface anatomy palpation.

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