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What station is Radio Jaagriti?

What station is Radio Jaagriti?

Jaagriti 102.7 FM
Radio Jaagriti 102.7 FM (pronounced [reːɖijoː ɟɑːɡrət̪i]) is a 24-hour radio station in Trinidad and Tobago formed by the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha to broadcast Hindu religious programming and to address the needs of the Hindu community in the media.

How can I listen to Radio Jaagriti?

Listen to Radio Jaagriti 102.7 FM, WHTA Hot 107,9 and Many Other Stations from Around the World with the App.

How many radio stations are there in Trinidad?

List of Radio Broadcasters

Frequency Concessionaire Station Name
95.5 FM Gem Radio Five Limited i95.5
96.1 FM Trinidad and Tobago Radio Network Limited 961 WEFM
96.7 FM Gem Radio Five Limited Red 96.7FM
97.1 FM Telemedia Limited Music Radio 97.1FM

Who owns 99.1 FM Trinidad?

TTT Limited
FM Stations

Callsign Frequency Network affiliation/Owner
BBC World Service 98.7 British Broadcasting Corporation
Next FM 99.1 TTT Limited
Sky 99.5 99.5 The TBC Radio Network
Sweet FM 100.1 TTT Limited

Who owns 97.5 FM Trinidad?

U97. 5FM is owned and managed by Upward Trend Entertainment Ltd. Its programming is a mix of contents such as talk shows, information, news, advertising, life shows, music and much more.

How can I get FM radio station?

The same principles apply: use the tiny computer to create and broadcast the signal, and attach an antenna to give it the broadcast range.

  1. Set up your Raspberry Pi.
  2. Install the FM radio software.
  3. Choose some music.
  4. Add an antenna.
  5. Broadcast.
  6. Tune your radio and enjoy.

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