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What types of catfish are in Arkansas?

What types of catfish are in Arkansas?

LITTLE ROCK – Of the three species of catfish in Arkansas, the flathead may rank at the top, at least in fishermen’s interest. Flatheads aren’t the most numerous. Channel catfish hold the lead there. Flatheads also aren’t the largest; the blue catfish holds the state record at well over 110 pounds.

What fish are common in Arkansas?

Arkansas is Home to World Record Fishing Popular game fish in Arkansas include largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie, catfish, bluegill and trout. But anglers can enjoy the challenge of many often-overlooked species as well, such as the bowfin, gar, carp, paddlefish and pickerel.

What’s the biggest catfish in Arkansas?

Arkansas State Fishing Records

Species Weight Location
Catfish, Blue 116 lbs., 12 oz. Mississippi River
Catfish, Channel 38 lbs., 0 oz. Lake Ouachita
Catfish, Flathead 80 lbs., 0 oz. Arkansas River
Eel, American 5 lbs., 4 oz. Spring River

What is the largest fish ever caught in Arkansas?

The largest fish ever caught in Arkansas was an alligator gar in the Red River that weighed 241 pounds, over 100 pounds more than the next largest Arkansas catch, a 116 pound blue catfish that once held a world record.

Where can you find catfish in Arkansas?

Arkansas’ Best Catfish Waters

  • BEST CORPS RESERVOIR. Lake Ouachita. Lake Ouachita, which stretches from Mt.
  • BEST AGFC LAKE. Lake Conway.
  • BEST STATE PARK LAKES. Dunn & Austell.
  • BEST OXBOW LAKE. Lake Chicot.
  • BEST BIG RIVER. Mississippi River.
  • BEST SMALL RIVER. Little River.

Is night fishing legal in Arkansas?

On non-federal waters, such as Lake Maumelle and AGFC-owned lakes, simply having a lighting source onboard is legal.

Are there sturgeon in Arkansas?

Three sturgeon species inhabit the state of Arkansas: the lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens), pallid sturgeon (Scaphirhynchus albus), and shovelnose sturgeon (S. platorhynchus).

Are alligator gar in Arkansas?

Alligator gar (Atractosteus spatula) is the largest of four species of gar found in Arkansas. In Arkansas, this species was once prolific and sought after as a sport fish in the White River, but recent surveys suggest populations are far below historic levels and could be declining further.

What is Arkansas state Gem?

aka: Quartz Crystal. On February 22, 1967, Governor Winthrop Rockefeller signed Act 128, an omnibus measure designating quartz crystal the state mineral, diamond the state gem, and bauxite the state rock. The measure was introduced in the Senate by Robert Harvey, J.

Where can you find big catfish in Arkansas?

Lake Ouachita, which stretches from Mt. Ida on the west to Hot Springs on the east, holds some of the biggest catfish swimming in Arkansas waters.

Where can I find blue catfish in Arkansas?

The big bottomland rivers of the state continue to be the best waters for numbers and size of catfish. At the top of the list is the Mississippi River, perhaps the No. 1 body of water in the U.S. in terms of trophy potential for blue cats.

What are the native animals of Arkansas?

Arkansas Native Snakes. Snakes serve an important role in our environment. They prey on rodents, insects, toads, frogs, crayfish, minnows and other snakes. Snakes are themselves food for hawks, owls, foxes, bobcats, raccoons, fish and many other species. Of the 39 species of native snakes in Arkansas, only six are venomous (Table 1).

What fish are native to Arkansas?

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission on Thursday named Austin Booth as the agency’s 19th director, succeeding director Pat Fitts, who will retire June 30. Booth, 34, is a Scott native and is currently chief of staff and chief financial officer for the

What is the Arkansas State record catfish?

Alligator Gar: See page 10 of the 2021 Fishing Guidebook.

  • Black Bass (largemouth,spotted,smallmouth combined): 10
  • Smallmouth Bass (including hybrids of smallmouth and other bass): 4 Length limit in Ozark Zone is 12 inches long; otherwise,length limit is 10 inches long.
  • Rock Bass (Ozark and shadow bass): 10
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