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What was unique about the Majestic theater in Texas when it was constructed?

What was unique about the Majestic theater in Texas when it was constructed?

When the Majestic opened, it was the first theater in Texas to have air conditioning. In fact, it was San Antonio’s first air-conditioned place that was open to the public, according to its registration form for the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).

How big is the Majestic theater in San Antonio?

2,264 people
NRHP reference No. RTHL No. The Majestic Theatre is San Antonio’s oldest and largest atmospheric theatre. The theatre seats 2,264 people and was designed by architect John Eberson, for Karl Hoblitzelle’s Interstate Theatres in 1929.

What are the best seats at Majestic theater San Antonio?

Sit in the first 15 rows on the floor or sit in the Mezzanine. These are the best spots for seeing the ceiling – you won’t want to miss the cloud machine. The best seating is center in the Mezz or RC or LC. The extreme sides are limited view.

How many seats are in the Majestic theater San Antonio?

2,264Majestic Theatre / Capacity
The 2,264 seat Majestic Theatre is a National Historic Landmark, and is currently home to the Broadway in San Antonio series, along with a wide variety of concerts and performing arts attractions.

When was majestic Theatre built in San Antonio?

1929Majestic Theatre / Year built
Located in the heart of downtown San Antonio, the Majestic was designed and built in 1929 by John Eberson for Karl Hoblitzelle’s Interstate Theatres, and stood proudly for many years as the largest theatre in Texas and the second largest motion picture theatre in the country.

Who owns Majestic Theatre?

The Shubert Organization
Chanin. It has 1,681 seats across two levels and is operated by The Shubert Organization. Both the facade and interior are New York City landmarks….Majestic Theatre (Broadway)

Owner Majestic Theatre LLC
Operator The Shubert Organization
Type Broadway
Capacity 1,681

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