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What were WW2 tank rounds made of?

What were WW2 tank rounds made of?

Generally the round is made from special, high chromium steel which is forged into shape, rather than cast, and then annealed; this imparts extremely high tensile strength into the round. They are generally used against tank armour, concrete or other defences, depending on the calibre of the round being used.

How far can a German 88 shoot?

The gun’s maximum possible range was 15,150 meters, enabling it to be used as a supporting field gun in addition to its antitank role.

What happens when a shell penetrates a tank?

A penetrating hit with a bursting-charge shell can cause additional damage comparable to a couple of hand grenades. The ammunition propellant inside the tank can go off, incinerating the crew (they might have a chance to bail out), the explosive matter in the ammunition shells might go off, tearing the crew to shreds.

What is flak ammo?

Flak is a contraction of German Flugabwehrkanone (also referred to as Fliegerabwehrkanone) meaning “aircraft-defense cannon”, the original purpose of the weapon. This gun served as the main armament of the Tiger I heavy tank.

How high could German anti-aircraft guns fire?

The weapon was rugged, hard-hitting, and adaptable. Across Occupied Europe during World War II, 88 mm guns were often employed to fire at high-flying Allied bomber formations. The heavy gun could propel its 20.25-pound high-explosive shell to altitudes beyond 30,000 feet at a rate of about 15 projectiles per minute.

Will 50BMG penetrate a tank?

No. A . 50 caliber sniper rifle round, regardless of type, is not capable of defeating the armor on the Abrams tank. It would also fail to penetrate the armor on any other modern MBT.

Can a sniper take out a tank?

So the answer to your question is No. Under no circumstances has a Modern Tank ever been taken out by rifle fire of any type of Rifle fire and baring some miracle one never will be.

Did Germany have the best weapons in WW2?

Germany’s best scientists and engineers were frantically working on new projects. By the end of World War II, the German army had equipped approximately 50 Mark V Panther tanks, which saw combat on both the Eastern and Western Fronts. The theory behind the weapon appeared sound and the Vortex Gun did seem to work in ideal circumstances.

What bombs did Germany use in WW2?

– Resources were very very limited. The army needed a tactical airforce. – The war was all land invasions. Fighting the UK or strategic bombing wasn’t expected. – German research from the Spanish Civil war showed that strategic bombing didn’t work. Terror bombing wasn’t effective. – Germany loved the dive bomber as efficient use of resources.

What was the most common German pistol World War 2?

– German Empire – Weimar Republic – Nazi Germany – East Germany: Used until the 1960s by the Volkspolizei and Stasi agents.

What German sniper rifle was used in World War 2?

While Germany is the Edenic home of modern sniping, they were always one step behind the Soviets during World War II, despite fielding some excellent sniper rifles. A World War II German Scharfschutzen scans the terrain before him searching for targets. His rifle is a 7.92x57mm Kar 98k fitted with a turret mounted scope.

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