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What Wonder Woman comics are worth money?

What Wonder Woman comics are worth money?

The mint condition value of Wonder Woman #1 is unknown. The highest-rated copy to sell publicly is an unrestored 9.0 that sold for $291,100 in December 2016. An unrestored 8.0 has a July 2020 value of $120,000, and an unrestored 5.0 sold for the price of $43,650 in September 2017.

What 80’s comics are worth money?

Most Expensive 1980s Comics #11 – #20

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (2nd Printing)
  • 2021 Update: 2nd printing is the poor man’s 1st printing.
  • Amazing Spider-Man #252 (1984):
  • Gobbledygook #1 (1984):
  • Daredevil #181 (1981):
  • Amazing Spider-Man #316 (1989):
  • Superman (1988):
  • Vampirella #113 (1988):

Why were comics banned in the 1950s?

The origin story of comics, however, is much more complicated. In the 1950s, a moral panic swept across the country — one in which parents and children burned comic books by the bushel in public gatherings — and led to the near destruction of the comic book industry. Laws were passed. Careers were ruined.

What is Wonder Woman Worth?

Price Guide Report

$15,000 $30,000 $291,100

Who is the best female comic character?

The Top 10 Greatest Female Superheroes In The History of Comic Books

  • Black Widow.
  • Gamora.
  • Wonder Woman.
  • Captain Marvel.
  • Nebula.
  • Scarlet Witch.

What is super woman’s name?

Kristin Wells is a comic book character, the secret identity of one version of DC Comics Superwoman….Superwoman (Kristin Wells)

First appearance Superman: Miracle Monday (1981)
Created by Elliot S! Maggin
In-story information
Full name Kristin Wells

What killed EC comics?

EC couldn’t weather its demonization and killed off its comic line by early 1956, except for Mad. EC’s attackers thought they had driven a fatal stake through the Crypt-Keeper’s heart. But as in any good horror story, the tale had one last ghastly twist.

Who made the Comics Code?

This general fear of disloyalty made it way down to the five and ten cent comics that kids could pick up at any grocery store. The Comics Code Authority was established in 1954, Dr. Fredric Wertham’s book Seduction of the Innocent accused all comics of promoting delinquency and disregard for authority in children.

What are the top 5 epic 80s cartoons?

Epic 80’s Cartoons (some pre-80’s and 90’s, but ALL Epic) 1 1. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983–1985) TV-Y7 | 30 min | Animation, Action, Adventure. 2 2. He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special (1985 TV Movie) 3 3. The Secret of the Sword (1985) 4 4. She-Ra: Princess of Power (1985–1987) 5 5. G.I. Joe (1985–1986)

Who are the most famous black female characters in comics?

During that time two of comics’ most well-known black female lead characters were born: Misty Knight and Storm. Several years later, in the early ‘80s, DC’s Vixen and Marvel’s Monica Rambeau made their debuts. Out of the four, only Storm and Vixen have had their own titles, both being limited series.

What are the 100 best comedies of the 80s?

The 100 Best Comedies of the 80’s. 1 1. Airplane! (1980) PG | 88 min | Comedy. 2 2. The Blues Brothers (1980) 3 3. Caddyshack (1980) 4 4. Nine to Five (1980) 5 5. Smokey and the Bandit II (1980)

What was the first black-woman-led comic book movie?

In 1975 it became the first comic book adaptation to the silver screen featuring an African-American woman as the lead — and what is arguably the first black-woman-led comic book movie, starring Pam Grier.

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