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What year did pieces of eight come out?

What year did pieces of eight come out?

Styx’s mega-triple-platinum smash success Pieces of Eight was released 40 years ago today by A&M Records on September 1, 1978.

What is Pieces of Eight about Styx?

A “Piece Of Eight” is a silver coin which served as currency for the Spanish empire. The song was written and sung by Dennis DeYoung, and is about how money can’t buy everything. DeYoung sings about a man looking back at how beautiful his life was meant to be. >>

Who wrote pieces of eight?

1. 2. “I’m O.K.”…Track listing.

No. 9.
Title “Pieces of Eight”
Writer(s) DeYoung
Lead vocals DeYoung
Length 4:44

What Styx album is renegade on?

Pieces of EightRenegade / Album

Why is it called piece of eight?

The Spanish dollar coin was worth eight reales and could be physically cut into eight pieces, or “bits,” to make change — hence the colloquial name “pieces of eight.” The dollar coin could also be cut into quarters, and “two bits” became American slang for a quarter dollar, or 25 cents.

What did Pirates call silver coins?

The silver coins were known as Reales (Reals) and the gold coins, Escudos (Escudo) The chart below shows the denomination of each coins minted. The famous “Piece of Eight” was an 8 reale silver coin that had a distinctive “8” stamped into it. It was the largest of the silver coins weighing approximately one ounce.

Why is it called pieces of eight?

Why do parrots say pieces of eight?

One of the most famous phrases in pirate lore, the term “pieces of eight” is the phrase uttered by Long John Silver’s parrot, the first real proof that Silver is really a pirate. The concept of a large silver coin with high purity (sometimes known as “specie” coinage) had become popular throughout Europe.

How many albums did Styx release?

17 studio
This is the discography of American rock band Styx. Over the years they have released 17 studio albums, 9 live albums, 16 compilation albums, 39 singles, and 3 extended plays.

Who recorded renegade?

StyxRenegade / Artist

Why did Tommy Shaw leave Styx?

It was also written by DeYoung. DeYoung released his first solo album, Desert Moon, in 1984 while Styx was on sort of a hiatus after Tommy Shaw left to pursue a solo career.

What are the 9 pieces of 8?

The Nine Pieces of Eight, often referred to as just pieces of eight, were an important symbol in Pirate Lore as the items owned by the Pirate Lords of the Brethren Court.

Who are pieces of eight?

Pieces Of Eight. Pieces of Eight is a high energy, entertaining Rock,Top 40 & Country cover band. Our performances are geared towards Corporate, Private, Wedding & Festival events. The band is highly configurable with a deep set list and we can put together a show that will make YOU the star of your event.

What songs did Styx release from pieces of eight?

Singles from Pieces of Eight. Pieces of Eight is the eighth studio album by Styx, released on September 1, 1978. Like the band’s previous album, The Grand Illusion (1977), it managed to achieve triple platinum certification, thanks to the hit singles “Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)” and “Renegade”.

Who wrote the songs on side two?

Side two No. Title Writer (s) Lead vocals Length 6. ” Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) ” Shaw Shaw 4:05 7. “Queen of Spades” Young, DeYoung DeYoung 5:38 8. ” Renegade ” Shaw Shaw 4:16 9. “Pieces of Eight” DeYoung DeYoung 4:44

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