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Whats a high score on the DLAB?

Whats a high score on the DLAB?

Qualifying Scores The highest possible score on the DLAB is 176.

How is the DLAB graded?

It consists of 126 multiple-choice questions and the test is scored out of a possible 164 points. Someone failing the test or getting a low score can always retake the DLAB but only after a wait of 6 months. For most service members, this is too long and will cause them to miss the deadline for submitting their scores.

Where can I find my DLAB score army?

To access an official copy of your score report: Log into and click on the “My Education Record” Smart Link. A PDF copy of your score report will be uploaded to your eFile tab within 2-3 business days after testing. Always retain an official copy of your score report for your records.

What is the military DLAB?

Defense Language Aptitude Battery
The Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) is a standardized government test, approximately two hours in length, used to determine the natural ability of armed services members to learn a foreign language.

How hard is it to pass the DLAB?

It consists of audio and visual sections with a max score of 164. The minimum score to pass is a 95 but receiving a good score will require you to get at least a 110. The test is difficult with roughly 50 percent of individuals receiving a qualifying score.

What DLAB score do you need for Russian?

3) WHAT IS A DLAB?: Someone failing the test or getting a low score can always retake the DLAB but only after a wait of 6 months. To qualify to pursue training in a language, one needs a minimum score of 95.

How do I get my DA 330?

A: To request a DA 330 of DLPT/OPI Scores (not DLPT/OPI ACE college credit recommendations), please contact the Test Control Officer (TCO) at the location where you took the test. The DLIFLC Testing Office can only generate DA 330s of the DLPTs/OPIs for personnel who physically tested at DLIFLC.

How long is a DLAB score good for?

6 month
DLAB scores do not expire. Personnel who fail to qualify for language training with a score of 95 or higher on the initial test may retest after a 6 month waiting period.

What army mos require DLAB?

Army Cryptologic Linguists
Prospective Cryptologic Linguists (MOS 35P) must complete a score of Skilled Technical (ST): 91. Additionally, Army Cryptologic Linguists must complete the Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB). The DLAB evaluates how well a native English speaker can learn a new language.

What are the grammar rules for DLAB?

Terms in this set (18)

  • all adjectives must come after their corresponding noun.
  • both the adjective and its corresponding noun must end with the same vowel sound.
  • there are no such things as articles and they cannot be used.
  • the possessor must come after the possession.

How important are your Dlab scores?

Category I: Portuguese,Spanish,French,and Italian

  • Category II: German and Indonesian
  • Category III: Croatian/Serbian,Turkish,Russian,Dari Persian,Hebrew,Hindi,Iranian Persian,Punjabi,Urdu,Uzbek,Thai,and Tagalog.
  • Category IV: Egyptian Arabic,Levantine Arabic,Iraqi Arabic,Chinese,Korean,Japanese,Pashto,and Modern Standard Arabic.
  • What is a Dlab score 666?

    What is a DLAB score 666? What does Dlab 666 mean? Google-fu indicates that’s exactly what it means: codes 666 and 999 are used to show the test was not taken. I remember from my research that the DLAB score scale doesn’t go nearly that high anyway.

    How to study for the DLAB test?

    – Understand the Test Layout and Know what to Expect. Start to remove the mystery of the DLAB by understanding how the test is laid out and what type of questions – Access study guides and practice tests. – Review your English Grammar Rules.

    What is the Army Language Test?


  • Arabic (Algerian)
  • Arabic (Msa)
  • Arabic (Saudi)
  • Arabic (Sudanese)
  • Arabic (Yemeni)
  • Azerbaijani
  • Cantonese
  • Buano
  • Chavacano
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