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When did Fievel Goes West come out?

When did Fievel Goes West come out?

November 22, 1991 (USA)An American Tail: Fievel Goes West / Release date
Release Date: November 22, 1991 Its release in 1986 told the story of the immigrant Mousekewitz family and their journey to America and influenced the resurgence of classic animation on the motion picture screen. An American Tail: Fievel Goes West picks up the story of Fievel and his family about two years later.

Who sings Fievel Goes West?


No. Title Performer(s)
1. “Way Out West” Chorus
2. “Dreams to Dream (Tanya’s Version)” Cathy Cavadini
3. “The Girl You Left Behind” Cathy Cavadini & Chorus
4. “Dreams to Dream (Finale Version)” Linda Ronstadt

What is the cat’s name in Fievel Goes West?

Cat R. Waul
Debut An American Tail: Fievel Goes West
Appears in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West Fievel’s American Tails
Voice actor John Cleese Gerrit Graham (in Fievel’s American Tails)

How old is Fievel Mousekewitz?

seven years old
Fievel is seven years old, born in ~1879. When he narrates the start of An American Tail: The Illustrated Story in 1986 he is ~107 years old and speaking to his great-grandchild….

Fievel Mousekewitz
Species Mouse
Gender Male

How many American tails are there?

An American Tail1986
An American Tail: Fievel Goes West1991An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island1998An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster1999

Is Fievel Goes West a sequel?

An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan IslandAn American Tail: Fievel Goes West / Sequel

Where does Fievel Goes West take place?

Two years after arriving in New York City from Russia, plucky Fievel Mousekewitz (voice by Phillip Glasser) and the rest of his family–Mama (Erica Yohn), Papa (Nehemiah Persoff), Tanya (Cathy Cavadini) and baby sister–have discovered the streets in America are not “paved with cheese” as they had imagined.

Who played the guitar solo on somewhere out there?

“Somewhere Out There“ is a song written by James Horner, Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, which originally appeared in the 1986 animated film An American Tail. The single was performed by singers Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram….Musicians.

Bass Leland Sklar
Guitar Steve Lukather
Vocals James Ingram
Vocals Linda Ronstadt

Who is Fievel Mousekewitz best friend?

Tiger is Fievel Mousekewitz’s best friend and is one of the only friendly cats from the An American Tail series (the only other one being Miss Kitty). He was originally a of the Mott Street Maulers until he felt sorry for Fievel and deciding to free him and quit the group.

What kind of cat is Tiger from American Tail?

Orange tabby cat
Tiger: The goofy cowardly Orange tabby cat who is Fievel’s best friend. Tiger is a vegetarian who often eats fish. Tiger met Fievel and his family in An American Tail. He later moved out west to Green River, Utah with Fievel’s family and his girlfriend Miss Kitty in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West.

Who is Tanya in Fievel Goes West?

She later watches Fievel sleep beside Yasha (who is quite awake), and Tanya, Mama, Papa, Tony, & Tiger have a group hug. In Fievel Goes West and Fievel’s American Tails, Tanya is voiced by Cathy Cavadini, who also voiced Blossom in The Powerpuff Girls.

Is Fievel Goes West the second an American Tail?

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West is the second film following An American Tail. It is set chronologically fourth in the in-series timeline. The film was not directed by Don Bluth, but was instead directed by Phil Nibbelink and Simon Wells.

What is the age difference between Fievel and Tanya?

The 3rd film’s revelation that the 2nd film never actually happened (it was all a dream Fievel had) helps to explain the discrepency: he dreamt that Tanya’s age had doubled: his subconscious nonupled the age difference between them from one year to nine years.

Who is Tanya in an American Tail?

An American Tail. Tanya is a secondary character in the first film, who only features prominently in a few scenes. At the beginning of the film Tanya gets a babushka for Hannukah while Fievel gets his hat.

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