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Where can I drive in CT?

Where can I drive in CT?

7 Best Scenic Drives In Connecticut

  • Connecticut Coast Scenic Drive.
  • Litchfield Hills.
  • Route 169.
  • Northeast Corner.
  • Merrit Parkway.
  • Countryside Loop.
  • Mystic Seaport.

What is the most scenic drive in Utah?

Top 5 Scenic Drives in Utah

  1. Highway 12 | Southern Utah.
  2. Mirror Lake Scenic Byway | Heber Valley.
  3. Potash Scenic Byway | Moab.
  4. Flaming Gorge-Uintas Scenic Byway | Northeastern Utah.
  5. Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Hwy | Vernal. Drive where dinosaurs roamed.

Where should I go on a cross-country road trip?

The 5 Best Cross-Country Road Trip Routes

  1. America’s Mother Road: Historic Route 66. What is this?
  2. The Oregon Trail: US-20 Route.
  3. The Loneliest Road: US-50 Route.
  4. The Pacific Coast: US-101 Route to California State Route 1.
  5. The Atlantic Coast: I-95 Route.

Which state has the most scenic roads?

1. Pacific Coast Highway — California. When you think of California, you may think of beaches lined with palm trees, but the drive along Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) from San Diego up the northern coast of the state to San Francisco is far from that.

Where do you stop on the Mohawk Trail?

Seven Must-See Stops On The Mohawk Trail

  • Mount Greylock State Reservation, Lanesborough.
  • Susan B.
  • Western Gateway Heritage State Park, North Adams.
  • Natural Bridge State Park, North Adams.
  • Mohawk Trail State Forest, Charlemont.
  • Glacial Potholes, Shelburne Falls.
  • Bridge Of Flowers, Shelburne Falls.
  • To The Victors Goes The Name.

How long does it take to drive thru CT?

112 miles in length across the state of Connecticut. It takes aprox. 1 hour & 52 minutes to travel 112 miles with a driving speed averaging 60 mph. The i-95 route in Connecticut is shown in the map above.

Can you drive through Capitol Reef?

The Scenic Drive is a 7.9 mile (12.7 km) paved road, suitable for passenger vehicles. Allot about an hour and half roundtrip to drive the Scenic Drive and the two dirt spur roads, Grand Wash and Capitol Gorge. Although this “Virtual Tour” is free, there is a $20.00 entrance fee when you drive the Scenic Drive.

What are the Best Country Roads to drive in Massachusetts?

10 Country Roads In Massachusetts That Are Pure Bliss In The Fall. 1 1. Route 116 Scenic Byway. Flickr/Anthony Quintano. 2 2. Mount Greylock Scenic Byway. Flickr/Stevetheretired. 3 3. Battle Road Scenic Byway. Flickr/denisbin. 4 4. Jacob’s Ladder Scenic Byway. Flickr/Banspy. 5 5. Route 112 Scenic Byway. Flickr/Vitorio Benedetti.

What are the Best Scenic driveways near Boston?

This is a great country drive for those who live near Boston and want to escape into nature for a while. Take Chickatawbut Road from Braintree to Milton through the Blue Hills Reservation and enjoy verdant forest views and a peaceful winding course. 5. Jacob’s Ladder Scenic Byway

What are the best backroads in Massachusetts for a long drive?

The 10 Best Backroads In Massachusetts For A Long Scenic Drive 1. Mount Greylock Scenic Byway. This scenic road will take you through 16.3 miles of gorgeous countryside and lush… 2. Route 6A. Route 6A is also known as Old King’s Highway, as a portion of it served as the royal route during the

Why take a road trip through Massachusetts?

Road tripping through Massachusetts offers up a truly unique way to explore the state. For instance, this road trip will take you to some of the most majestic castles Massachusetts has to offer. Meanwhile, this road trip will let visitors explore some of the best Massachusetts historical sites.

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