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Where can I find PHP config file?

Where can I find PHP config file?

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  1. You can get a full phpinfo() using : php -i.
  2. And, in there, there is the php.ini file used : $ php -i | grep ‘Configuration File’ Configuration File (php.ini) Path => /etc Loaded Configuration File => /etc/php.ini.
  3. On Windows use find instead: php -i|find/i”configuration file” Hope this is helpfull!!

How do I find the PHP ini file?

Try one of these solutions

  1. In your terminal, type find / -name “php.ini”
  2. In your terminal, type php -i | grep php.ini . It should show the file path as “Configuration File (php.ini) Path => /etc”

Where is PHP ini command line?

ini is usually located in /etc/php/7.4/apache2/php. ini .

How do I open PHP ini file?

ini file is being loaded when PHP is run. So you can edit the php. ini file indicated in the Loaded Configuration File section, and that should work in most cases. Of course, if you’re running PHP as an Apache module, you need to restart the Apache server to make sure that the changes you’ve made in the php.

What is PHP ini configuration file?

The php. ini file is the default configuration file for running applications that require PHP. It is used to control variables such as upload sizes, file timeouts, and resource limits.

How do I install a PHP ini file?

ini file: Whenever we install PHP, we can locate the configuration file inside the PHP folder. If using xampp, we can find the configuration file in one or many versions, inside the path ‘pp\php’. Note: Other versions of this file are php. ini-development and php.

What is config file in PHP?

The PHP configuration file allows you to configure the modules enabled, the email settings or the size of the upload files. It is located at installdir/php/etc/php. ini. For example, to modify the default upload limit for PHP, update the PHP configuration file following these instructions.

How do I reload a PHP ini file?

4 Answers. To force a reload of the php. ini you should restart apache. TL;DR; If you’re still having trouble after restarting apache or nginx, also try restarting the php-fpm service.

How do I open a .ini file in Ubuntu terminal?

How to Edit PHP ini File in Ubuntu Terminal

  1. sudo nano /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini. sudo nano /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini. Change PHP parameters.
  2. max_execution_time = 60. max_execution_time = 60. Once you have changed the configuration values, save and exit the editor.
  3. sudo service apache2 restart. sudo service apache2 restart.

What is the loaded configuration file in PHP?

The Loaded Configuration File section applies when your PHP installation is used as a module. In GoDaddy servers, the PHP.ini file is usually located in /web/config/php.ini. The .ini extension might be followed by the PHP version.

Where can I Find my PHP configuration file?

Your PHP.ini file is usually located in one of the following sections: As mentioned, the Configuration file path is the default one of the PHP.ini files. The Loaded Configuration File section applies when your PHP installation is used as a module. In GoDaddy servers, the PHP.ini file is usually located in /web/config/php.ini.

How do I check the current PHP CLI version?

To check the current PHP CLI version, you should execute: To see the current php.ini file (which will load every time by default), use: In case you have not specified another file, PHP CLI will always use the default system php.ini file /opt/cpanel/ea-phpXX/root/etc/php.ini.

How do I view the default PHP CLI options in PHP?

While you are working with PHP in command mode, the php command automatically runs the PHP CLI binary file corresponding to the default PHP version. To view a list with all PHP CLI options, use the following command:

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