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Where can I transfer my AA miles?

Where can I transfer my AA miles?

American AAdvantage miles cannot be transferred directly to partners for use, so you’ll likely have to find the flights you are interested in booking and call American Airlines to book your award ticket. Here are 28 of the best ways to use your American Airlines miles for maximum value.

Can I use my American Airlines miles for hotels?

AAdvantage members can redeem as few as 1,000 miles to pay for the non-flight portion of any American Airlines vacation package – including hotel and resort stays, car rentals, transfers, tours and activities. And now it’s easier than ever to use AAdvantage miles to pay for your vacation.

Can I transfer miles to Marriott points?

Some United MileagePlus members can transfer their miles to a Marriott Bonvoy account at a 1:1 ratio. It’s only possible, however, if you have United’s Premier Silver status or higher. So if you transfer 10,000 miles, you’re trading $135 worth of free flights for $75 worth of free hotel stays.

Does Marriott partner with American Airlines?

It’s rather surprising that Marriott Bonvoy is the only transfer partner of American Airlines, especially given its relationship with Citi. Even though there are some roadblocks to using your AAdvantage miles, you can still get some solid value from the program.

Is there a cost to transfer AA miles?

Transferring American AAdvantage Miles American will charge you $12.50 for every 1,000 miles you transfer plus a $15 processing fee per transaction (plus applicable taxes).

What can I do with my American Airlines miles?

American Airlines miles redemptions

  1. Redeem miles for American flights. One of the simplest ways to redeem your AAdvantage miles is on flights operated by American.
  2. Redeem American Airlines miles on partners.
  3. Upgrade your seats.
  4. Redeem AAdvantage miles for merchandise, other travel and more.

Can I convert AA miles to Hilton points?

Luckily, American allows you to transfer your AA miles into Hilton points at a somewhat favorable ratio. It used to be 1 AA mile = 2 Hilton, but now its 1 AA = 1.67 Hilton. This means those 150,000 AA miles gained practically for free from the two Citi cards can get you 250,000 Hilton points!

Can you transfer miles to points?

Generally, you can’t transfer points between frequent flyer programs, even if they’re partners. Partnerships usually allow you to earn miles by flying on a partner airline and redeem miles for flights on a partner airline, but don’t allow you to transfer miles directly from one airline to another.

Does it cost to transfer AA miles?

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