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Where is Ekodeck manufactured?

Where is Ekodeck manufactured?

Established in 2009 Ekodeck is an Australian owned company with over 60 years of experience in the timber and building industry. We strive to offer sustainable, durable products that have been designed and engineered here in Australia specifically with our harsh climate in mind.

Does Eco Deck fade?

Myth #2 – It fades Rest assured, Ekodeck has been installed across Australia since 2009 with a proven track record of performance. Never have we had any complaints, or needed to replace any boards due to fading.

How long does Ekodeck last?

Ekodeck will lighten when exposed to water and sunlight, reaching its overall ‘weathered’ colour after 6-12 months, depending on the environment.

Does Ekodeck scratch?

It is recommended to use surface protection on furniture and objects to avoid scratching or marking your Ekodeck. In the event your Ekodeck is scratched, it can easily be repaired by lightly sanding in the direction of the grain using 40g sandpaper. Ekodeck’s colour is consistent all the way through the board.

Can Ekodeck be used for garden edging?

Ekodeck is at Bunnings Warehouse Australia (Port Melbourne). Perfect for garden edging, fence palings and more!

Does Eco deck warp?

Eco deck can easily warp and buckle under some conditions and has a short life span of around 10 years.

Will dog claws scratch composite decking?

Composite decking mimics the look of natural wood, but without the upkeep. While it’s much more scratch resistant than wood, it’s not totally scratch proof. With enough gusto, your pooch could still leave permanent marks. Vinyl decking is another durable solution to ward off a claw-tastrophy.

Can you install Ekodeck on concrete?

You can’t install Ekodeck directly on top of concrete or a solid surface – it will need to be installed on some sort of framework. If you have adequate drainage beneath your deck which does not allow water to pool, we recommend a minimum of 40mm ground clearance beneath your deck.

Does Eco deck get hot?

While early composite decks were very sensitive to temperature and did get notoriously hot, any new composite decking will be much more resistant to heat. In addition, the lighter the color of the composite deck boards that you choose, the cooler they will stay in direct sunlight.

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