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Where is the Green River in the CCR song?

Where is the Green River in the CCR song?

This song was written by group leader John Fogerty, who explained in his Storytellers special: “Green River is really about this place where I used to go as a kid on Putah Creek, near Winters, California.

What type of rock is CCR?

Creedence Clearwater Revival, also referred to as Creedence and CCR, was an American rock band formed in El Cerrito, California….

Creedence Clearwater Revival
Origin El Cerrito, California, U.S.
Genres Roots rock swamp rock blues rock Southern rock country rock blue-eyed soul
Years active 1959–1972
Labels Fantasy

Is CCR psychedelic rock?

While Creedence’s self-titled debut album, released in the summer of 1968, did include a handful of songs with psychedelic elements, and the group would stretch out on some of their subsequent album tracks, few would categorize any of it as experimental. It’s definitely psychedelic, but also has dramatic qualities.

Is Green River about Putah Creek?

Certainly a song like “Green River” – which you may think would fit seamlessly into the Bayou vibe, but it’s actually about the Green River, as I named it – it was actually called Putah Creek by Winters, California.

What is the meaning of Green River?

Definition of Green River : a dark air-cured tobacco used chiefly for chewing tobacco.

Where does the Green River start and end?

Colorado River
Green River/Mouths

The Calm Waters of the Green River Starting at the town of Green River (a one-hour drive from Moab) and ending at the confluence with the Colorado River in Canyonlands National Park, the flatwater sections of the Green River travel through Labyrinth and Stillwater Canyons.

Who died from CCR?

Tom Fogerty, rhythm guitarist for the popular 1960’s band Creedence Clearwater Revival, died Sept. 6. He was 48 years old. The cause of death was respiratory failure due to tuberculosis, said Terri Hinte, a spokeswoman for Fantasy Records.

How much is CCR worth?

John Fogerty Net Worth

Net Worth: $90 Million
Date of Birth: May 28, 1945 (76 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Profession: Songwriter, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Guitarist, Keyboard Player, Record producer, Film Score Composer, Music artist

When was Green River released CCR?

Green River/Released

Is Green River about Vietnam?

The latest offender is The Post, Steven Spielberg’s well-oiled dramatization of the Washington Post’s 1971 battle to publish the Pentagon Papers. The opening scenes take place in Vietnam in 1966. The musical backing is Creedence’s “Green River,” from the 1969 album of the same name.

Who wrote the song Green River?

John Fogerty
Green River/Lyricists

What does CCR stand for?

Creedence Clearwater Revival, also referred to as Creedence and CCR, was an American rock band that recorded and performed from 1959 to 1972 under various names before settling on the Creedence Clearwater Revival name in 1967.

What kind of music does CCR play?

CCR’s musical style encompassed roots rock, swamp rock, blues rock, Southern rock, country rock, and blue-eyed soul.

Who are the original members of CCR?

Creedence Clearwater Revival was an American rock band formed by John Fogerty, Tom Fogerty, Stu Cook and Doug Clifford. Check out classic CCR videos here or sing along to one of our lyric videos!

Where did CCR perform in the 70s?

The band also recorded its January 31, 1970, live performance at the Oakland Coliseum Arena, which would later be marketed as a live album and television special. In February, CCR were featured on the cover of Rolling Stone, although only John was interviewed in the accompanying article.

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