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Where is the switch located on a garbage disposal?

Where is the switch located on a garbage disposal?

The best location for the disposal switch is an airswitch on your counter, next to the faucet. It will not harm or crack your granite to have the air switch there. So many people on this forum have an airswitch in the countertop near the faucet, and not once have we heard of it cracking the granite.

Are Insinkerators interchangeable?

Designed to be Interchangeable If you have an InSinkErator disposal or are purchasing one for the first time you should know that the company has designed all of their disposals to be installed the same way.

Are all Badger garbage disposals interchangeable?

InSinkErator garbage disposals are designed for effortless replacement and installation. With similar plumbing rough-in dimensions, you can easily swap a Badger® disposal with ANY Badger or Evolution Series® for quick, do-it-yourself installation.

Do garbage disposals need a special switch?

Replacement Switch for Garbage Disposal Purchase a replacement switch with the same amperage rating as the old one. Some garbage disposals run at 15 amps while others require a 20-amp circuit and switch.

Can the garbage disposal switch be under the sink?

Definitely on the counter. My sister has one under the sink where you have to open the cabinet door to use it, which is a big PITA because you have to step back, open the cabinet door, press the air switch, wait until you are done with the disposal, press the switch, then close the cabinet.

Are most garbage disposals interchangeable?

Garbage disposals come in different sizes and with different features. Most manufacturers recommend at least a 1/2 HP garbage disposal motor. Because disposals with these motors are smaller than disposals with one HP motors, they can fit into relatively small spaces under your sink.

What is the difference between Badger 1 and Badger 5 garbage disposal?

The primary difference is motor power, where the Badger 1 is weaker (1/3 HP) than the Badger 5 (1/2 HP). Both are continuous feed with a wall switch that look identical to the naked eye. In simple terms, the Badger 5 is meant to handle a somewhat tougher and more rigorous load of waste than the Badger 1.

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