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Which are the commands in MSWLogo?

Which are the commands in MSWLogo?


Command Abbr. Output
HIDETURTLE HT Hides the turtle and aids viewing a clear drawing on the screen
SHOWTURTLE ST Shows the turtle after it is hidden from the screen
PENUP PU Sets the turtle to move without drawing
PENDOWN PD Resets to a drawing pen when ordered to move

Where do you type commands in Logo?

We will write commands in the command line, i.e., the text box at the bottom of the Commander Window. To execute or run these commands, press Enter or click the Execute Button.

How do you make a MSWLogo?

How to Make Shapes in MSW Logo

  1. Square. Open MSW Logo software. Click on the “File” button on the top left of the window.
  2. Circle. Open MSW Logo software. Click on the “File” button on the top left of the window.
  3. Hexagon. Open MSW Logo software. Click on the “File” button on the top left of the window.

How do I create a variable in MSW logo?

A variable can be thought of as a ‘container’ for different values. You can change the value of a variable at any time. MSW Logo uses a statement in the form: make “MyVariable 20 to assign a value to a variable.

How do you create a Pentagon in a logo?

To draw a pentagon, Ernestine goes FD 100, turns RT 72. Now you can see the angles much more clearly. When drawing a hexagon, Ernestine goes FD 150, BACK 50, and turns RT 60 on the outside.

How to use MSW logo basic commands?

Use the fill-can tool to fill your shapes creating nice patterns. Take a look at some of the patterns we created in Microsoft Paint. You can leave MSW Logo minimized on the toolbar and switch between the two programmes as your experiment with different amounts of repetitions to created detailed patterns.

How to program using MSW logo?

Step 1 Moving the Turtle. The thing that draws everything is know as the turtle.

  • Step 2 Making a Procedure for MSW Logo to Follow. A procedure is the steps the turtle will take to draw or make something.
  • Step 3 Setxy Coordinates. The MSW Logo main screen is like an invisible grid.
  • Step 4 Penup and Pendown.
  • Step 5 Making a Window.
  • Enjoy My Box I Made.
  • How to create a clock in MSW logo program?

    − Draw the square with side length 40 using the following command.

  • − Pen up using the following command.
  • − Go to a point inside the square. For example,place the turtle at coordinate (20,20) using the following command.
  • − Fill the square with the set floodcolor. For example,to set the floodcolor to blue use the following command.
  • How to make cool shapes in MSW logo?

    Repeat 10[square rt 36]

  • Repeat 12[square rt 30]
  • Repeat 30[square rt 12]
  • Repeat 36[square rt 10]
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