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Which book is best for NTSE Class 10?

Which book is best for NTSE Class 10?

Best Books for NTSE 2022

Books for NTSE Publisher Price
Study Guide NTSE (MAT + SAT) for Class 10th 2019-2020 Arihant Experts Around Rs 450-Rs 500
Pearson Guide to NTSE Class 10 (English) 1st Edition Pearson India Rs 575
Target NTSE Class 10 Stage 1 & 2 Solved Papers (2015 – 19) Disha Experts Rs 350

Which book should we refer for NTSE?

NTSE Books 2022: Best Books to Study

Books for NTSE Publisher
Study Package for NTSE Class X McGraw-Hill Publications
Target NTSE Class 10 Stage 1 & 2 Solved Papers Disha Experts
A Comprehensive Manual for NTSE for Class X (English) Access Publishing
Study Guide NTSE (MAT + SAT) for Class 10th 2020-2022 Arihant Experts

Is Embibe good for NTSE?

Embibe have provided here the NTSE books along with a direct link to the NTSE study material that helps the students prepare well for the exam. Finding the right books and solutions usually turns into a gruelling task with a plethora of links available on the Internet.

Is NCERT book enough for NTSE?

Yes, NCERT Books are sufficient for NTSE Exam. However, for stage 1 students should also follow the state board books of Class 9th & 10th.

Which state has the hardest NTSE paper?

West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh have the hardest level of NTSE stage 1 paper. The papers are very difficult as compare to other states as they can be matched with the level of 11 and 12 science books.

Is RS Aggarwal good for NTSE?

Yes, of course rs Agrawal is the best book for NTSE exam as it offers a lot of different type of questions which will help you to practice more and more questions and all the questionnaire are of different variety.

How do I become a NTSE scholar?


  1. Only Class 10th students are eligible to write NTSE Exam paper provided the student is studying in a School recognized by the government.
  2. The Student should be below 18 years of age.
  3. Previously employed students are not eligible to write NTSE paper.
  4. Open Distance Learning (ODL) Students are also eligible.

How can I revise for NTSE?

Preparation tips and tricks

  1. Understand the syllabus. The candidates need to understand the syllabus well and mark all the important topics.
  2. Make a schedule/time table.
  3. Practise sample papers.
  4. Revision.
  5. Time Management.
  6. NTSE Best books for preparation.
  7. Eat healthy, stay healthy.
  8. Take breaks while studying.

What are good marks in NTSE?

NTSE authorities will release NTSE 2021-22 cutoff once the exam is conducted and NTSE result is declared….NTSE Final Cutoff 2018.

Category Maximum Marks Out of 197 Cutoff Marks
General 186 150
General – PH1 144 111
General – PH2 124 78
General – PH3 131 101

Is there English subject in NTSE?

NTSE question paper is available in both the Hindi and English mediums. Students need to select any one of the both languages….NTSE Paper Pattern 2022 Highlights.

Particulars Details
Marking Scheme 1 mark for each right answer No negative marking for wrong answers
Total Marks 400
Language of paper English, Hindi

Are questions repeated in NTSE?

Question: Do questions get repeated in NTSE Karnataka question papers? Answer: In the stage 1 exam, there are no chances to repeat the questions from previous year stage 1 question papers.

Is Arihant good for Ntse?

yes, it’s enough to refer class 10 ‘All in one maths book’ published by Arihant publication to prepare for NTSE maths section. it gives detailed knowledge of topics of NCERT class 10 syllabus which is referred to prepare for NTSE.

Which is the best book for NTSE class 10?

NTSE Books for Class 10 1 Study Package for NTSE class X (1st & 2nd edition)- Mcgraw Hill 2 Pearson Guide to NTSE Class 10 1st edition – Saurabh Priyadarshini & Navin C. Joshi 3 Study Guide for NTSE for Class 10 – Disha Publication 4 Maths Class X – R.D Sharma

How to download NCERT class 10 books for free?

You can download the NCERT books from the official website or this page. We have provided the NCERT Class 10 books for all the subjects – Maths, Science, Social Science, English, Hindi, and Urdu for free. No sign up is required to download these books.

Which is the best book for Class 10 science for CBSE?

NCERT Class 10th Science book is one of the best study materials for students preparing for the Class 10 CBSE Board Exam. NCERT Science textbook for Class 10 has been prepared by experts in the field and covers the CBSE Class 10 Science Syllabus thoroughly.

How to prepare for NTSE exam?

Following a good preparation book is one of the most important steps to prepare for an examination. There are thousands of NTSE books available in the book market and the internet but it’s not possible for students to follow or go through every one of them. NCERT books are one of the best books to prepare for the examination.

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