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Which Cape Cod town has the best beaches?

Which Cape Cod town has the best beaches?

1. Craigville Beach, Centerville. The south side of Cape Cod is home to many beaches, but Craigville Beach is probably the one that receives the most attention. Although the beach is regarded as a favorite with the younger generation, its large, vast space, soft golden sand, and picturesque setting welcomes everyone.

What is the warmest beach on Cape Cod?

Nantucket Sound
Cape Cod’s Nantucket Sound have the warmest (if not of the most beautiful color) ocean water that reaches into lower and sometimes mid 70s degrees in the heat of the summer.

Is West Dennis Beach free?

Dennis MA Beach Parking Fees & Stickers Parking Fees: From Memorial Day to Labor Day, non-resident parking is by daily fee ($25 weekdays and $30 on weekends) or Dennis beach parking sticker ($90/week, a week is Saturday-Friday). Daily fee may be paid to parking attendant at the beach.

What is the least crowded beach on Cape Cod?

One of the less crowded beaches in Massachusetts, Mayflower Beach on Cape Cod is also one of the state’s most beautiful. With its soft white sand, the beach is perfect for a day of lounging in the sun then heading into the water to cool off.

What beach in Cape Cod has the biggest waves?

White Crest Beach,(sometimes called four mile or surfer’s beach)is known for its great longboard waves, some say the best on the cape.

Is West Dennis beach crowded?

While I LOVE the beaches on the Outer Cape, we choose to drive a short 5 minutes to West Dennis Beach. There’s a new restroom facility and outdoor shower near the end, and typically the beach is not crowded at all. And, great sand!

Are there sharks in Dennis Ma?

A large shark was seen swimming around a boat in Dennis. The shark population in the waters along the Cape has grown in recent years, keep pace with the growing seal population, which represents a major food source for sharks.

Are there private beaches in Cape Cod?

Most private beach owners I know here on Cape Cod are perfectly okay with people walking across their beach to get from one place to another. Although, you might want to stay off the one in this photo to the left. It’s part of the Kennedy family’s private beach in Hyannis Port.

How many beaches are in Dennis MA?

Dennis MA Beaches With beautiful beaches on both the north and south sides of town, it’s no wonder that so many tourists make Dennis their vacation destination. There are eight beaches on Cape Cod Bay and another eight on Nantucket Sound. If you prefer freshwater swimming, Scargo Lake offers two beaches.

What is there to do in Dennis MA?

There are lots of things to do in Dennis, but the town really stands out for its beaches. The Dennis beaches are well-known all around New England, with the town having a total of 18 individual beaches. 16 of them look out onto the ocean, while the remaining two are situated by freshwater ponds.

Where is Dennis Massachusetts located?

Located in Barnstable County around the central point of Cape Cod, Dennis is a little town made up of five separate villages: Dennis, Dennis Port, East Dennis, West Dennis, and South Dennis. The town, which was first settled way back in 1639, has a fascinating history.

Where are the best public beaches in Dennisport?

At the end of Inman Street off Chase Avenue is the final saltwater beach in Dennisport. Flanked by motels with private beaches on either side up and down the popular Chase Avenue, Inman is a public beach that offers toilet facilities but no concessions. Lifeguards keep tabs on what’s going on out in the water.

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