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Which is a theme in Young Goodman Brown quizlet?

Which is a theme in Young Goodman Brown quizlet?

short story that encompasses the relationship between good and evil and how they can be one of the same. It is a cautionary tale on how easy it is to be seduced by the devil.

What is the significance of Goodman Brown’s name quizlet?

What is the significance of the names Goodman Brown and Faith, especially in such statements as “Faith kept me back a while” in paragraph 12 and “My Faith is gone!” in paragraph 50? Goodman Brown is significant because he is not a good man and shows the society’s obsession with being good as well as his own obsession.

Who is the character who Goodman Brown first encounters in the woods?

After his encounter in the forest with Goody Cloyse, Goodman Brown tries to resist the devil’s temptations by raising what issue? At what precise moment does Goodman Brown lose his faith?

Who is the stranger in Young Goodman Brown?

In “Young Goodman Brown,” the devil appears to be an ordinary man, which suggests that every person, including Goodman Brown, has the capacity for evil.

What are two things apart of the rising action for Ygb?

Rising Action: He meets the strange, old man in the woods. Climax: He believes his wife is a witch. Falling Action: He wakes up all alone and goes home. Denouement: He spends the rest of his life believing everyone is evil.

Where is Goodman Brown after sunset?

Terms in this set (35) Young Goodman Brown is headed on a journey into the forest that must be completed before sunrise.

Why does Goodman Brown go into the forest?

Even though Goodman Brown decided to go into the forest to meet the devil he is scared to be seen with the devil so he hides from Goody Cloyse, The minister, and Deacon Gookin. He is more scared of being seen with the devil then with actually deciding to meet the devil.

Why is Brown surprised to hear that the man he meets knew his father and grandfather?

The man says that he knew Brown’s father and grandfather and helped them in wicked ways. It soon becomes clear that the man Brown is talking to is the devil. He is surprised that this woman appears to be friends with the devil and seems to be implying that she is a witch.

Who is Goody Cory?

Goody Cloyse was the name of an actual woman who was tried and convicted of witchcraft during the historical Salem Witch Trials of 1692; Hawthorne borrows her name for this character.

What was written on Goodman Brown’s tombstone?

Sinking into a torpor of unre- demptive guilt-consciousness, when he dies no hopeful verse is carved upon his tombstone, “for his dying hour was gloom.”

What is the significance of Goodman Brown’s role in the story?

Gradually she emerges as a religious and moral symbol, becoming the spiritual anchor for the wavering husband. The symbol at the later stages of the story becomes more expansive to include/incorporate Goodman Brown’s own doubts about the existence of good in the world.

What happened to Goodman Brown after the meeting in the forest?

Young Goodman Brown. In the forest on the way to the meeting, Goodman Brown encountered his pastor and deacon from the church. Goodman Brown did not recognize anyone one who was at the meeting in the forest. The next day, Goodman Brown, went about his life as if nothing had happened.

What does Goodman Brown mean when he says faith kept him late?

In Paragraph 12, Goodman Brown tells the man he meets in teh woods that “Faith kept me back a while.” Literally, he means that his wife made him late. What other meaning could this remark have had.. His religous faith almost kept him from the journey.

What was on Young Goodman Brown’s wife’s head?

What was on Young Goodman Brown’s wife´s head? Pink Ribbon on her cap. At the beginning of the story was is Young Goodman Brown about to do? Go on a journey.

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