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Which is largest Ramsar site in world?

Which is largest Ramsar site in world?

Río Negro
Río Negro (Brazil): it is the largest RAMSAR site in the world, extending across more than 120,000 km² in Brazil.

Which is the smallest Ramsar site in India?

Renuka Wetland
Renuka Wetland (0.2 sq. km) of Himachal Pradesh is the smallest Ramsar Site in India, followed by Chandertal Wetland (0.49 sq. km) in Himachal Pradesh.

What is the 3rd largest wetland?


UNESCO World Heritage Site
Area 187,818 km2 (72,517 sq mi)
Coordinates 17°43′S 57°23′WCoordinates: 17°43′S 57°23′W
Ramsar Wetland
Official name Pantanal Matogrossense

Which state has largest wetland in India?

Which state has the largest area of wetlands in India? Notes: In India, the total wetlands is 8.13%. Amongst the States, Gujarat has the largest area of wetlands within-country followed by West Bengal.

Which is the largest wetland in world?

the Pantanal
At more than 42 million acres, the Pantanal is the largest tropical wetland and one of the most pristine in the world. It sprawls across three South American countries—Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay—and supports millions of people there, as well as communities in the lower Rio de la Plata Basin.

Which state has highest wetland in India?

Which state has no Ramsar sites in India?

Major states like Karnataka, Telangana, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and several states of North East India have none. Only one Ramsar site of India, namely the Upper Ganga River (Brijghat to Narora Stretch) is a river.

What is the most famous wetland?

The world’s greatest wetlands and the creatures you’ll meet there

  • Okavango Delta, Botswana.
  • The Pantanal, Brazil.
  • Bangweulu Swamps, Zambia.
  • Danube Delta, Romania.
  • Sunderbans, Bangladesh & India.

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