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Who are Berghaus?

Who are Berghaus?

From the early days above a shop in the North-East of England, Berghaus has come a long way. We’ve racked up more than 50 years’ experience creating outdoor gear that’s beautifully designed and built to last; helping you to get out more.

Does Clara Berghaus have a new last name now?

Clara Berghaus finally rids herself of the last name Oubre. Pic credit: Lifetime Clara Bergahus has been eager to move on and enjoy single life since getting divorced from MAFS husband Ryan Oubre. For a long while, one of Clara’s constant reminders of her divorce was her Instagram handle, which continued to feature her ex-husband’s last name.

What does Clara Berghaus do for a living?

Married at First Sight star Clara Berghaus is celebrating seven years flying the skies. Approaching the seven-year anniversary of her employment as a flight attendant, the former bride recently shared photos from one of the best perks of her job, travel.

What did Clara Berghaus talk about on ‘married at first sight?

Clara Berghaus was known for her outgoing and talkative personality on Married at First Sight Season 12. While some Married at First Sight cast members are hesitant when it comes to talking about their sexual needs and frustrations, Clara often discussed sexual subjects in her MAFS confessionals.

What is the best wind jacket?

Light, packable, and all so versatile, the Patagonia Houdini is an excellent wind jacket and perhaps a little bit more. I use the jacket as it was intended, as a wind jacket.

What’s new at Berghaus trail?

From top performing waterproofs, to the warmest insulation, we’ve got everything to keep you going further, longer, and higher. Discover the new Berghaus Trail range. Meet the Real Action Heroes. Using small changes to create a big impact.

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