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Who caught the sea of hands catch?

Who caught the sea of hands catch?

Clarence Davis
1974 Sea of Hands Catch Clarence Davis’ catch in a Sea of Hands ended one of the greatest NFL games of all-time, pitting the Oakland Raiders against the Miami Dolphins in the 1974 NFL Playoffs. With 4:54 to play, Kenny Stabler completed a 72-yard touchdown pass to Cliff Branch.

What is the Holy Roller rule?

A player will fumble on fourth down or in the final two minutes of a half, a teammate will recover it and try to advance it — only to have the referee announce that by rule the ball returns to spot of the fumble. The reason for that rule? A play known simply as the “Holy Roller.”

Who was the Raiders quarterback in 1974?

Ken Stabler

Pos Player Age
QB Ken Stabler*+ 29
RB Clarence Davis 25
FB Marv Hubbard 28
WR Fred Biletnikoff* 31

What years did Raiders win Super Bowl?

198438-9 – Washington Commanders
198127-10 – Philadelphia Eagles197732-14 – Minnesota Vikings
Las Vegas Raiders/NFL championships
The Raiders have won three Super Bowl championships (1977, 1981, and 1984), one American Football League (AFL) championship (1967), and four American Football Conference (AFC) titles.

Who won the Sea of Hands game?

The game was ultimately decided in the final seconds by a now-iconic play in which Oakland quarterback Ken Stabler launched an 8-yard touchdown pass to running back Clarence Davis, who seemed tightly covered but somehow wrestled the ball away from multiple Miami defenders to secure victory for the Raiders, thus …

What was the Immaculate Reception in football?

The Immaculate Reception was the game winning touchdown reception that has since gone on to be known as one of the most famous plays in the history of American football.

Can you intentionally fumble forward?

An intentional forward fumble is a forward pass by rule. (NFL rule 8, section 1, art. 1a Note): When the ball touches the ground, it is an incomplete pass. When the ball is caught by the defense, before it touches the ground, it is an interception.

Who was the Oakland Raiders quarterback in 1972?

Daryle Lamonica
1972 Raiders Season The Oakland Raiders featured a strong running attack led by Marv Hubbard. The team went 10-3-1 under head coach John Madden. 1972 proved to be Daryle Lamonica’s last season as a starting quarterback.

Who was the quarterback for the Raiders in 1978?


Pos Player Age
QB Ken Stabler 33
RB Arthur Whittington 23
FB Mark van Eeghen 26
WR Morris Bradshaw 26

How many rings does the Raiders have?

The Raiders have captured three World Championships of professional football with victories in Super Bowls XI, XV and XVIII. Each Super Bowl was marked by dominating performances in all three phases of the game—offense, defense and special teams.

How much did Al Davis pay for the Raiders?

According to Forbes, Davis purchased a 10% stake in the Oakland Raiders for $18,500 in 1966, or a little more than $147,000 adjusted for inflation. By doing so, Davis gained access to the part of the Raiders organization that he really wanted: rebuilding.

What is the Sea of hands in football?

The Sea of Hands refers to a significant play during the 1974–75 NFL playoffs. The Miami Dolphins were facing the Oakland Raiders in an American Football Conference (AFC) Divisional playoff game on December 21, 1974 at Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum.

How long did it take for the Raiders to go 83 yards?

The Raiders had gone 83 yards in just 17 seconds. RB Clarence Davis (28) makes one of the greatest catches in NFL history as he hauled in the go-ahead scoring pass from QB Ken Stabler in a “Sea of Hands.” Quarterback Bob Griese brought Miami back immediately, as the fans went bananas in the Oakland Coliseum.

What happened on the 8-yard line in the Raiders-Dolphins game?

After a 4-yard catch by Branch, Frank Pitts made a bobbling first down catch at the Dolphins 14-yard line. Clarence Davis then ran the ball 6 yards to the 8-yard line, where the Raiders called their final timeout.

How did Stabler catch the’Sea of hands’?

With Miami’s Vern Den Herder dragging him down from behind, Stabler heaved a desperation toss into a “sea of hands” in the left side of the end zone, where Davis fought his way through three Dolphins defenders to make the catch, enduring a very late hit by Miami’s Manny Fernandez to hold on to the ball for a touchdown.

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