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Who did Ozzy Osbourne tour with?

Who did Ozzy Osbourne tour with?

Ozzy Osbourne has 1774 concerts

Date Concert
May 28, 2023 Ozzy Osbourne & Judas Priest Upcoming Ozzy Osbourne / Judas Priest
Feb 11, 2022 Ozzy Osbourne – No More Tours 2 Rescheduled Ozzy Osbourne / Judas Priest
Nov 28, 2020 Ozzy Osbourne / Judas Priest
Nov 19, 2020 No More Tours 2 Ozzy Osbourne / Judas Priest

When was Ozzy Osbourne No More Tours tour?

Jun 9, 1992 – Nov 15, 1992
No More Tours Tour/Date

What was Ozzy Osbourne’s last concert?

The End Tour consisted of 81 shows across North America, Europe, Oceania, and South America, and grossed a total of $84.8 million. The final concert took place on 4 February 2017, in the band’s home city of Birmingham, England.

When was the last time Ozzy Osbourne played live?

December 31, 2018
His last performance was on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2018, at Ozzfest.

Why did Ozzy get kicked out of Black Sabbath?

Ozzy had a markedly different set of priorities when he launched his solo career. After a decade in Black Sabbath, where his offstage to-do list consisted of getting laid, drinking and doing drugs, the band decided he’d become too much to handle — in spite of their own Herculean drug use — and kicked him out in 1979.

How many farewell tours has Ozzy had?

No More Tours II

Start date 27 April 2018
End date 14 June 2023
Legs 6
No. of shows 18 in North America 16 in Europe 6 in South America 1 in Asia 41 total
Ozzy Osbourne concert chronology

Will Ozzy tour in the US?

In a statement posted to his social media pages, Osbourne cited the COVID-19 pandemic as the impetus for postponing the tour. “Due to the ongoing uncertainty with full capacity events and travel logistics in much of Europe, we have come to the difficult decision to postpone my 2022 tour to 2023.

What is Judas Priest worth?

The Birmingham-based heavy metal band Judas Priest was formed in 1969. So far, they have sold more than 50 million copies of their entire albums, while receiving several Grammy nominations with them. Judas Priest’s net worth is $80 million, which is making them the 4th richest metal band worldwide.

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