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Who got bravery award in 2010?

Who got bravery award in 2010?

Bharat Award

Year Name Age
2008 No Award
2009 Gaurav Singh Saini 13 years
2010 No Award
2011 Kapil Singh Negi (posthumously) 15 years

Who got national bravery award in India?

Three children from the State have bagged the National Bravery Award and Special Award given away by the Indian Council for Child Welfare. Ummer Mukthar from Malappuram has bagged the Special Award, and Jayakrishnan Babu of Wayanad and Muhammed Hamras K. of Malappuram, the General Awards for 2020.

Who got the national bravery award in 2019?

12-year-old Camelia Kathy Kharbyngar from Meghalaya received the Bravery Award at the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar 2019 ceremony for saving the life of her mentally-challenged elder brother when their house caught fire on July 6, 2017.

Who gives national award for bravery?

Gita Siddhartha The Indian Council for Child Welfare
Gita Siddhartha The Indian Council for Child Welfare gives ICCW National Bravery Awards for exemplary acts of bravery to children every year. These Awards have been given by ICCW since the past 64 years. INTRODUCTION: The Scheme of National Awards to Children for bravery was started 64 years ago in the year 1957.

Who is the bravest child in the world?

Muhammad Shamnad, Kerala. 14-year-old Muhammad Shamnad showed outstanding courage when he risked his life to save a little girl from drowning in a pond. He received the General National Bravery Award.

Who got Bravery Award 2020?

Muhammed Muhsin – The 16-year-old boy hailing from Kerala’s Kozhikode district drowned while attempting to save three of his friends from the rough sea in April last year. He has been chosen posthumously for the ICCW Abhimanyu Award.

Who is the bravest person in the world?

Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the Bravest Man in the World – Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader.

Which is bravest community in the world?

Sikhs are the bravest community widely recognized for their self-respect, according to Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath, and also the distinctive fact of their presence around the world should be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Who got bravery award in 2020?

What is the history of National Bravery Awards?

The Sanjay and Geeta awards are given to a boy and a girl for acts of bravery. The Bharat Award was established in 1987, and the Bapu Gaidhani Award was established in 1980. In 2001, Scholastic published a commemorative book featuring the winners of the 1999 National Bravery Awards. The book was entitled Brave Hearts.

How many children win National Bravery Awards in India?

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How do I apply for the National Bravery Award?

The book was entitled Brave Hearts. Each year, the ICCW receives applications for the National Bravery Award. These applications come from official agencies such as local and district governments, school authorities, and councils for child welfare. The applications must be received by 30 September to be eligible for selection.

How many young heroes to get National Bravery Awards 2013?

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