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Who has the most triple-doubles in 2013?

Who has the most triple-doubles in 2013?

Lance Stephenson
Lance Stephenson had the most triple-doubles in 2013-14, with 5 triple-doubles.

Who has the most triple-doubles in 2014?

Who had the most triple-doubles in the 2014-15 Regular Season? Russell Westbrook had 11 triple-double games, more than anybody else in the 2014-15 NBA Regular Season.

What is the best triple-double in NBA history?

NBA’s all-time leaders for most career regular season triple-doubles

Rank Player Triple-Doubles
1. Russell Westbrook 193
2. Oscar Robertson 181
3. Magic Johnson 138
4. Jason Kidd 107

Who has the most triple-doubles in one game?

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook has gotten the most triple-doubles when playing 1+ game, with 193 triple-doubles.

Who leads the NBA in triple-doubles in 2021?

In May 2021, Washington Wizards point guard Russell Westbrook became the undisputed king of the triple doubles. He scored his record-breaking 182nd triple double in a tight 125-124 loss against the Atlanta Hawks.

How many triple-doubles does Lance Stephenson have?

5 triple-doubles
Lance Stephenson has gotten 5 triple-doubles in his career.

Did Manute Bol ever get a triple-double?

Manute Bol didn’t get a triple-double in his rookie season in 1985-86. Not what you’re looking for?

How many triple-doubles has LeBron had?

Players with the most triple doubles in the NBA all-time as of January 2022

Characteristic Number of triple doubles
Oscar Robertson 181
Magic Johnson 138
Jason Kidd 107
LeBron James 99

How many triple-doubles does Westbrook have?

How many triple doubles does Joakim Noah have?

7 triple-doubles
Joakim Noah got 7 triple-doubles in his career.

Has there ever been a 20 20 20 triple-double?

This Date in NBA History (Apr. 2): Russell Westbrook dedicates historic 20-20-21 triple-double vs. On April 2 in 2019, Russell Westbrook became only the second player in NBA history to record a 20-20-20 triple-double after Wilt Chamberlain (22 points, 25 rebounds, 21 assists) previously did it in 1968.

When did the NBA start tracking triple-doubles?

NBA & ABA Career Leaders and Records for Triple-Doubles All-Time Triple-Doubles Leaders Active players are listed in bold * Indicates member of the Hall of Fame. The NBA did not track Triple-Doubles until 1979-80 when Magic Johnson popularized the feat.

Who is the youngest NBA player to record a triple-double?

The 19-year-old became the second-youngest player in NBA history to record a triple-double. This comes a little over a month after Giddey made history to become the youngest player in NBA history to record a triple-double. Giddey was drafted sixth overall in the first round of the 2021 NBA Draft by the Thunder.

Where does Josh Giddey rank among NBA players with a triple double?

Josh Giddey has become the 2nd youngest player in NBA history to achieve a triple double, only behind Josh Giddey as the youngest player to ever do it.

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