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Who is #1 Akali?

Who is #1 Akali?

How are players ranked?

# Summoner Played
1. xuetica NA (#1) Master 58
2. einree NA (#2) Master 67
3. Professor Akali NA (#3) GrandMaster 130
4. NO FLOCKIN NA (#4) Master 125

Can Akali play top?

If you want to play Akali top then I suggest you take Teleport for the amount of global pressure it provides you with. By taking Teleport you can match your opposing laner, if he is also running Teleport when he tries to make a play on the map.

Is Akali better mid or top season 11?

Is Akali good in LoL? Akali has seen better days in terms of win rate but is still a viable champion in season 11. Being played a lot in both top and mid lane, Akali can be a solid flex pick for players that are comfortable playing her. On patch 11.9, Akali only wins 47.79% of her games in the mid lane.

What happened to Professor Akali?

The evidence is that Professor Akali’s monthly views and new subscriptions are steadily declining. According to statistics, Professor Akali’s channel has lost 5.599 million views in the last month. Furthermore, the amount of new subscriptions on this channel has fallen dramatically after January 2021.

Is Akali from Ionia?

Who is Akali According to LoL Lore? Akali was an acolyte of the Kinkou Order in Ionia. She grew up within the order, her parents both important leaders. The other acolytes took care of her when her parents were away.

Why is Akali played top?

People play her top because: the lane is longer you can actually utilize your kit better. with Dark Seal + pot start you dominate melee champions if you trade smartly. you are a splitpush tower taking monster (especially if you get Lich Bane) you force tanks to itemize against your heavy ap damage which is usually not optimal for them

How do you build and play ad Akali top?

Mana and Energy consumption reduced by 100%

  • +80% Cooldown Reduction on Abilities,Activated Items and Summoner Spells
  • +25% Tenacity and Tenaciousness
  • +60 Movement Speed and Speed while Moving
  • Sources of bonus attack speed are doubled on Ranged champions,1.5x on Melee champions
  • Critical strikes deal 25% additional damage
  • Health costs reduced by 50%
  • Who is good against Akali?

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    Who is the best Akali player in the world?

    – K/DA ALL OUT Akali. Price: 1350 RP. – Stinger Akali. Price: 520 RP. … – Sashimi Akali. Price: 750 RP. … – Silverfang Akali. Price: 975 RP. … – All-Star Akali. Price: 975 RP. …

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