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Who is Ne-Yo baby Momma?

Who is Ne-Yo baby Momma?

NE-YO and his wife Crystal Renay welcomed baby Isabella on June 25. “ISABELLA ROSE SMITH! 🌹 God said don’t make plans honey! She came 4 weeks early but right on time for mommy!

Is Ne-Yo wife pregnant again?

Ne-Yo And His Wife Crystal Smith Announce They Are Expecting A Baby Girl. The singer-songwriter shared the news! Back in February, Ne-Yo took to Instagram to announce he and his wife Crystal Smith we’re expecting their third baby together.

How many wives has Ne-Yo had?

Years active 1998–present
Spouse(s) Crystal Renay Williams ​ ​ ( m. 2016)​
Partner(s) Monyetta Shaw (2009–2013)
Children 5

Did Ne-Yo get a vasectomy?

“Sterilization was something Ne-Yo and I discussed thoroughly in the months leading up to the baby’s delivery,” Shaw told The New York Post. “Ne-Yo also agreed to undergo a vasectomy to show our mutual commitment to the relationship.”

Does Ne-Yo pay child support?

As he explained on his Behind The Music special, Ne-Yo was paying child support on a child that turned out not to be his. Still, he ultimately paid the woman $575,000 as a part of a settlement in 2009. However, since he mentioned this on VH1, the woman has partnered with lawyer Gloria Allred to sue Ne-Yo.

What did Ne-Yo do to his first wife?

A tweet went viral about Ne-Yo allegedly “forcing” his ex-fiancé, Monyetta Shaw, to get her tubes tied, so they wouldn’t have any more children. The “Because Of You” singer and Monyetta have a two kids. After their relationship ended, Ne-Yo moved on with Crystal and they currently have two children.

How many kids does Ne-Yo have with ex wife?

two kids
The singer-songwriter also has two kids — Mason Evan Smith and Madilyn Grace Smith — with Monyetta Shaw. He and Crystal have been married since 2016. “You ready baby?” he wrote in the caption at the time.

Does Ne-Yo have any kids?

Roman Alexander-Raj Smith
Mason Evan SmithMadilyn Grace SmithShaffer Chimere Smith, Jr.

How many kids do Ne-Yo have with his ex wife?

Ne-Yo also shares two children — Madilyn, 10, and Mason, 9 — with ex-fiancée Monyetta Shaw. He and Smith started dating in 2014 and tied the knot the following year.

Did Ne-Yo tell his ex wife to get her tubes tied?

Ne-Yo previously made it clear that he didn’t pressure his ex into having her tubes tied. He claims it was a decision they both agreed on. “As a family, we decided we didn’t want any more kids. Once we learned that our second child was a boy we were in the office high-fiving like ‘Yes!

What did Ne-Yo do to his ex wife?

Ne-Yo Responds To Reports That He ‘Forced’ His Ex To Get Her Tubes Tied While He Had More Kids. Ne-Yo and his wife Crystal Smith shared exciting news! The “Because Of You” singer and Monyetta have a two kids. After their relationship ended, Ne-Yo moved on with Crystal and they currently have two children.

Was Ne-Yo married to monyetta?

Ne-Yo broke things off with Monyetta Shaw after saying he wasn’t ready for monogamy – then he married Crystal Renay. Ne-Yo and Shaw were together for several years, almost from the start of his solo career taking off. Throughout the course of their relationship, they became engaged, lived together, and had two children …

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