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Who is Sayyid Muhammad-Mahdi al-Husayni al-Modarresi?

Who is Sayyid Muhammad-Mahdi al-Husayni al-Modarresi?

Sayyid Muhammad-Mahdi al-Husayni al-Modarresi (b. 1977), also known as Sayed Mahdi al-Modarresi, is an Iraqi – Australian Shia scholar, author and orator.

Who is salih al-Modarresi?

al-Modarresi was born in Kuwait in 1977. From his father’s side, he is the son of Hadi al-Modarresi, and great-grandson of Mirza Mahdi al-Shirazi. From his mother’s side he is the grandson of Hashim al-Qazwini, and the great-grandson of Muhammad-Sadiq al-Qazwini.

Who is Salal-Modarressi?

al-Modarressi delivers lectures worldwide on traditional as well as contemporary Islamic issues and has lectured in countless mosques, churches, universities, and seminaries across the globe. He has been interviewed by numerous news platforms and has appeared on TV and radio programs such as the BBC.

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