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Who is the main character in Hotline Miami?

Who is the main character in Hotline Miami?

Jacket – He is the main protagonist of the game.

Are there secrets in Hotline Miami 2?

There are three hidden trophies players can get in Hotline Miami 2, and each one covers something secret — a returning playable character, an Easter egg, and an additional scene to unlock.

Is Jacket playable in hm2?

As of the Hotline Miami 2 Update, Jacket is now a playable character and is unlocked by purchasing the Digital Special Edition of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

Is Jacket mentally ill Hotline Miami?

“It’s a way of portraying the story for the first game in somebody else’s eyes,” Wedin said. “Some people saw the first game as a horror movie — [Jacket] was mentally ill, he was a psychopath. Because of Jacket’s actions in Hotline Miami, the phone calls no longer come.

Are there multiple endings to Hotline Miami 2?

Alternate Endings to Missions There are two missions where you can get a somewhat different outcome to the events that unfold in the story. They involve either interacting with an item or not dying in a specific part of a mission. These are usually tied to trophies you can earn.

Is jacket mentally ill Hotline Miami?

Is Jacket a sociopath?

All we really know is that he is dangerously psychotic – a sociopath. His Profile is to get close and cause as much traumatic damage as possible with high damage melee weapons.

Is there a Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number?

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is the second and final game in the Hotline Miami series and a direct follow-up to the first game, serving as a sequel, a sidequel and a prequel. This time the narrative is centered around a bigger cast of characters who each have their own point of view regarding the events of the series.

What is Hotline Miami follow?

Follows several characters all living after the events from the original “Hotline Miami” game, you play as many characters all with their own abilities in this action slasher game. Menu Movies

Who are the fans in Hotline Miami?

The Fans are a group of masked vigilantes dedicated to recreating the conditions of Hotline Miami for various reasons. The Fans consist of Tony (Tiger Mask), Mark (Bear Mask), siblings Alex and Ash (Swan Masks), and Corey (Zebra Mask). Notably, Alex and Corey are the first and only female playable characters in the series.

What year does Hotline Miami 2 take place?

Settings and Protagonists. Hotline Miami 2 takes place before, during and after the events of the original game. It focuses mostly on the latter, between October 25th and December 28th in the year 1991, around two and a half years after the events of the first game.

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