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Who owns Altibase?

Who owns Altibase?

Altibase Corporation
ALTIBASE is a hybrid database, relational open source database management system manufactured by Altibase Corporation….Altibase.

Developer(s) Altibase Corporation
Operating system AIX, HP-UX, Linux
Available in English
Type Database Management System
License Proprietary

What is Altibase used for?

Product Overview ALTIBASE is the only Hybrid DBMS in the industry available on AWS that combines an In-Memory Database with an On-Disk Database, with a single uniform interface, enabling real-time access to large volumes of data, while simplifying and revolutionizing data processing.

Is Altibase free?

Pricing. Altibase is free to use open-source DBMS. You can download it easily from the Altibase website. A paid subscription is also offered to deliver professional support.

What is in memory Datastore?

In-memory databases are purpose-built databases that rely primarily on memory for data storage, in contrast to databases that store data on disk or SSDs. In-memory data stores are designed to enable minimal response times by eliminating the need to access disks.

Is MongoDB an in-memory database?

MongoDB is not an in-memory database. Although it can be configured to run that way. But it makes liberal use of cache, meaning data records kept memory for fast retrieval, as opposed to on disk.

How do I access memory database?

You can run H2 web server within your application that will access the same in-memory database. You can also access the H2 running in server mode using any generic JDBC client like SquirrelSQL. UPDATE: Server webServer = Server.

Can MongoDB used for cache management?

Yes. MongoDB keeps most recently used data in RAM. If you have created indexes for your queries and your working data set fits in RAM, MongoDB serves all queries from memory. MongoDB does not cache the query results in order to return the cached results for identical queries.

How do I view Hsqldb?

In order to view or/and edit the HSQL embedded database, follow the instructions below:

  1. 8.1.8100 – 9.5.9500. Stop the ccollab-server daemon/service. Open up a command prompt and change the directory to the root of the Collaborator server installation directory. Run: java -cp tomcat/lib/hsqldb.
  2. 9.5. 9501 – 11.2. 11201.

How much RAM does MongoDB need?

approximately 1GB
MongoDB requires approximately 1GB of RAM per 100.000 assets. If the system has to start swapping memory to disk, this will have a severely negative impact on performance, and should be avoided.

Does MongoDB use RAM?

MongoDB is not an in-memory database. MongoDB, in its default configuration, will use will use the larger of either 256 MB or ½ of (ram – 1 GB) for its cache size. You can limit the MongoDB cache size by adding the cacheSizeGB argument to the /etc/mongod.

What is Altibase?

Altibase was incorporated in 1999. The first version, called Spiner, was released in 2000 for commercial use. It took half of the in-memory DBMS market share in South Korea. In 2002 the second version was released renamed to Altibase v2.0. By 2003, Altibase v3.0 was released and it entered the Chinese market.

When did Altibase go open source?

In 2000, its first version was released for commercial use and by 2003, it entered the Chinese market. In 2005, Altibase commercialized hybrid DBMS, which allowed various clients to utilize both RAM and disk as storage mediums. By 2015, Altibase introduced its scale-out technology, sharding, and three years later went open source.

How many customers does Altibase have?

According to marketing research, Altibase had 650 customers and thousands of installations.

What is atibase?

Atibase is a relational open-source database management system that is compatible and interoperable with Oracle. Atibase is a hybrid database – data can be stored and manipulated in main memory alone, and physical disk alone, or a combination of both.

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