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Who owns Boch Center?

Who owns Boch Center?

“We are extremely proud to unite the legacies of two iconic families—the Wang family and the Boch family—through our new relationship with Ernie Boch Jr.,” said Josiah A. Spaulding, Jr., President & CEO of the Center, in a statement.

Who owns the Boch Center Boston?

Boch Enterprises
The family behind the multibillion-dollar car dealership business Boch Enterprises has purchased the naming rights to the Citi Performing Arts Center in Boston. That entity operates the historic Wang and Shubert theaters on Tremont Street.

Who is the Wang Theater named after?

In 1983, An and Lorraine Wang donated the funds to renovate the theatre, and it became the Wang Center for the Performing Arts. The Wang Theatre is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and with 3,600+ seats, it is one of the five largest stages in the country.

What is the Wang Center called?

Boch Center
The Wang Theatre is a theatre in Boston. It originally opened in 1925 as the Metropolitan Theatre and was later renamed the Music Hall. It was designed by Clarence Blackall and is located at 252–272 Tremont Street in the Boston Theatre District. The theatre is operated as part of the Boch Center.

When was the Wang Center built?

1923Boch Center – Wang Theatre / Year built

Who owns the Shubert theatre in Boston?

The Shubert Organization
In February 1996, the Wang Center signed a 40-year lease agreement to operate the theatre with the Shubert Organization, which continues to own the building and property; the theatre reopened after renovation in November 1996….Shubert Theatre (Boston)

Owner The Shubert Organization
Operator Boch Center
Type theatre
Capacity 1,600

How many people does the Boch Center seat?

3,500Boch Center – Wang Theatre / Capacity

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