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Who owns MediaMath?

Who owns MediaMath?

Joe Zawadzki
MediaMath CEO Joe Zawadzki is focused on building or buying along three areas: identity, supply chain re-engineering and AI.

How much is MediaMath worth?

New York-based MediaMath has raised more than $500 million to date. The latest round values the company at north of $1 billion, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Is MediaMath a public company?

Both MediaMath, a privately held buy-side outfit, and Magnite, a Nasdaq-listed sell-side outfit originally known as Rubicon Project, were founded in 2007, the potential union of the two would represent a major consolidation move in the ad tech sector.

What kind of company is MediaMath?

MediaMath, Inc. provides application software services. The Company offers an online campaign management platform geared towards online display advertisement that facilitates the management of advertisements, allowing agencies to analyze marketing programs across the digital landscape.

Is MediaMath a SaaS company?

I would describe it as “SaaS-like.” It has all the characteristics of a SaaS model, with recurring revenue from software licensing and margins. It’s still mostly a percent of media model, however, though 80% of MediaMath’s revenue today comes from software sales with master service agreements.

What is MediaMath DSP?

Built in partnership with MediaMath, an acclaimed independent advertising technology company for brands and agencies, Flipkart’s demand-side platform (DSP) is a custom-built version of the reputed MediaMath platform itself and will provide brands of all scales to engage with a growing consumer base.

How many employees does MediaMath have?

Company Growth (employees)

Employees (est.) (Jan 2022) 468 (-1%)
Job Openings 43
Website Visits (Oct 2021) 100.7 k
Cybersecurity rating C More

Is MediaMath a DSP?

MediaMath is a digital marketing technology company founded in New York in 2007. Back in 2007 it was the first company that introduced DSP solution in the market. The MediaMath omnichannel DSP allows marketers to manage ad campaigns across multiple channels – mobile, display, social, video, audio and native.

What is Verizon Media DSP?

Verizon Media DSP is the only independent and unified programmatic video advertising platform for reaching audiences across web, mobile and connected TV.

Where is MediaMath located?

MediaMath is headquartered in New York, NY and has 15 office locations across 10 countries.

What is MediaMath source?

SOURCE by MediaMath is a technical and commercial framework for agencies, brands, tech companies, and content owners designed to provide long-term sustainable solutions for a clean digital media supply chain with brand-safe, viewable inventory.

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