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Who owns Mekeni food corporation?

Who owns Mekeni food corporation?

Tatay Felix Garcia
You cannot only look at your own success but also see that others around you succeed too. Then you can say that you have succeeded in life.” These are the words of Tatay Felix Garcia, founder of Mekeni Food Corporation.

What are the products and services of Mekeni food corporation?

Featured Products

  • Native Longanisa. A dish handed down from generation to generations now has found its way into your kitchen.
  • Cooked Ham. Made from real pork meat, cooked low and slow for that premium taste you can readily enjoy with bread or rice.
  • Chicken Longanisa.
  • Classic Tocino.
  • Belly Bacon.
  • Sweet Ham.
  • Chicken Tocino.

How do you become a Mekeni distributor?

For as low as P1,500, you can kickstart your own Mekeni reseller business. All you have to do is sign up via Mekeni’s Facebook page (www. facebook/mekeniph). Your application will undergo verification and assessment, and in a week, you may already start your business.

Who owns Pampanga’s best tocino?

Mr. Angelo D. Hizon Jr.
Pampanga’s Best, Inc. is owned and operated by the couple, Mr. Angelo D. Hizon Jr.

Who is the owner of tocino?

. Angelo D. Hizon Jr.
Today, Pampanga’s Best, Inc. is a multi-million meat processing corporation, operated and owned by the couple, Mr. Angelo D. Hizon Jr. and Mrs.

Is Pampanga a rich province?

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO — With assets of P9. 53 billion, Pampanga had made it to top ten list of the richest provinces in the Philippines, according to the 2017 annual financial report of the Commission on Audit (COA).

What is the biggest town in Pampanga?

Among its municipalities, Porac has the largest area with 314 square kilometres (121 sq mi); Candaba comes in second with 176 square kilometres (68 sq mi); followed by Floridablanca with 175 square kilometres (68 sq mi).

Who is Mekeni Food Corporation?

Read more From a backyard enterprise, Mekeni Food Corporation has grown from a regional meat processing company into a globally recognized food and meat processing plant. Mekeni is the 1st ISO 22000 Certified Hotdog and Marinated Meat Processing Plant in the Philippines, First in Asia and 2nd in the World.

Where can I find a factory outlet in Mekeni?


What is the reputation of Mekeni?

In the process, Mekeni earned the following reputation: The first ISO 22000 certified Meat Processing Plant in Asia, The first ISO 22000 certified Food Processing Plant in the Philippines, The second ISO 22000 certified Meat Processing Plant in the world. The NMIS awarded MFC the “AAA” Meat Processing Plant Grand Slam Award …

What is Mekeni Capampangan?

Mekeni, in Capampangan, is a warm expression of hospitality. Mekeni! Join us and be our partner.

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