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Who owns Sweet Sensation?

Who owns Sweet Sensation?

Kehinde Kamson
Business career Kehinde Kamson started Sweet Sensation – a Quick Service Restaurant business – in 1994 from a tiny guard house in Ilupeju, Lagos after she had spent about 10 years doing the business on a small scale from her young family’s garage.

How many outlet does Sweet Sensation have?

“It has 25 food outlets in Lagos and one in Ibara, Abeokuta in Ogun,” Kamson disclosed. For the Head of Marketing, Sweet Sensation, Mr Oluwafemi Odumuyiwa, the food conglomerate decided to reward its numerous customers with a raffle draw promo as a way of appreciating them for their patronage over the years.

Is there sweet sensation in Abuja?

This hotel is situated at the heart of Abuja and good location as its accessible to city center. The room has a suitable refrigerator with good toilet facilities. The hotel has a nice safe and very good working desk.

Who is the owner of Mr Biggs?

Mr Bigg’s

Type Public
Founded 1973 in Nigeria
Headquarters Ojo, Lagos State
Key people Derrick Van Houten (Managing Director), Larry Ettah (Chairman)
Products Fast food, including Nigerian delicacies and UAC Foods-branded products

Why did Mr Biggs fail?

Biggs failed to meet their expectations. As expected, when customers’ taste preference favours a fast food brand, its demand increases while demand for the outlet whose service goes against the preference declines. The latter is the story of Mr. Bigg’s.

How do I order Mr Biggs?

Biggs. Beat the queue, order for meals at your own convenience. Click here – .

Who owns Mr Biggs Restaurant?

United African Company of Nigeria PLC
Mr Bigg’s is one of Nigeria’s fast food restaurants. Owned by Nigerian conglomerate United African Company of Nigeria PLC, there are currently around 170 locations in Nigeria, including the country’s first drive-through restaurant, with another four locations in Ghana.

Is Mr Bigg’s still alive?

DeceasedThe Last Mr. Bigg / Living or Deceased

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