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Who owns zex nitrous?

Who owns zex nitrous?

the COMP Performance Group™
We integrate advanced engineering technology and superior customer service to provide you with the ideal nitrous solution for any application. As a member of the COMP Performance Group™, ZEX™ is able to combine R&D efforts for constant new product developments.

What is better dry or wet NOS?

Dry nitrous kits are a great first step and require less work for installation and a small bump in power output. A wet nitrous kit will deliver a fuel/nitrous oxide mixture into your intake tract.

How does the ZEX nitrous system work?

When the nitrous is injected into an engine and the initial combustion takes place, it creates enough heat to separate the nitrous oxide into its two components, nitrogen and oxygen. Once separated, the additional oxygen is then free to react with additional fuel.

Do you need a purge kit with nitrous?

Do I need a purge kit? Answer: A nitrous purge kit clears the delivery lines of unwanted air and vapor and guarantees immediate power from your nitrous system. It´s also used to intimidate your competition and shows the world your nitrous equipped.

How long does a nitrous bottle last?

A: It depends on bottle capacity and the size of the nitrous shot being used. On the 75hp setting, a 10 lb. bottle will last around 10 quarter mile runs. On the 125hp setting the bottle will last around 6 runs.

What is the difference between dry and wet nitrous kits?

A “Wet System” adds additional fuel with a separate pump through the same plate or nozzle, supplying the nitrous oxide. A “Dry” nitrous system relies on the existing fuel system, whether it’s fuel injected or carbureted, to supply the additional fuel needed when the nitrous system is activated.

What’s the point of purging nitrous?

The purpose of a nitrous purge is to ensure that the correct amount of nitrous oxide is delivered the moment the system is activated as nitrous and fuel jets are sized to produce correct air / fuel ratios, and as liquid nitrous is denser than gaseous nitrous, any nitrous vapor in the lines will cause the car to “bog” …

How much faster does NOS make a car go?

We are talking, of course, about installing nitrous oxide—better known as NOS. When NOS is introduced to a combustion chamber, you can instantly stack a staggering amount of horsepower onto your engine. This output increase can range anywhere from 30 to a few hundred additional ponies under the hood.

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