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Who played the father in The Proposal?

Who played the father in The Proposal?

Craig T. Nelson as Joe Paxton, Andrew’s father who owns the family businesses that dominate the entire town of Sitka.

Who plays Gert in proposal?

Malin Akerman played Gertrude, Andrew’s ex-girlfriend.

Who plays Grammy in proposal?

Mary Nell Steenburgen (/ˈstinbɛrɡɛn/) (born February 8, 1953) is an American actress, comedian, singer, and songwriter. After studying at New York’s Neighborhood Playhouse in the 1970s, she made her professional acting debut in 1978 Western comedy film Goin’ South.

Is The Proposal inappropriate?

Rated PG-13 for sexual content, partial nudity and language.

Will there be Proposal 2?

Sorry, No Sequel to ‘The Proposal’

Did they film The Proposal in Alaska?

The majority of the plot took place in Sitka, Alaska, which is now popular for its tourism and rich flora and fauna. The scenes in the movie showing Sitka were actually filmed in the town of Manchester by the sea in Essex County. The movie was also filmed at other locations of Massachusetts.

Do Andrew and Margaret get married?

After he is humiliated by his father, Joe Paxton, Andrew announces that he and Margaret are getting married. They are forced to tell the engagement story and kiss, and do so passionately, showing the first signs of respect for one another.

Are there two versions of the proposal?

The Proposal (Two-Disc Deluxe Edition + Digital Copy)

How old was Sandra Bullock the proposal?

How old is Sandra Bullock in The Proposal? Directed by Anne Fletcher and written by Peter Chiarelli, filming for The Proposal initiated in April 2008 in Rockport, Massachusetts, when Sandra Bullock was 43-years-old. She turned 44 on July 26, 2008.

What is the film proposal template?

The Film Proposal Template guides you through the development of your film process quickly and easy! Just fill in the text and you will have a complete film proposal to move your project forward. What is included in the Film Proposal Template?

How do I write a video production proposal?

If you’re a video production company or filmmaker, you can kickstart your proposals with our polished video production proposal template with ready-made sections to showcase your past projects, project pricing, and details about your company.

How to write a film proposal in 30 seconds?

You will have 30 seconds to describe the plot in a captivating way and be able to state the main concept of your story in one concise sentence. This is a visual industry and the person reading your film proposal needs to visualize your story, here you will give a brief summary of each scene that includes pictures.

Why do film students struggle to write a film proposal?

Sometimes film students, especially those who opt to go for the documentary aren’t always sure who their intended audience is. They tend to struggle with what a proposal should contain, or how far or long they think the whole process would take. You may also see Event Proposal Template. A good story can only take you so far.

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