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Who was Miss America in 1950?

Who was Miss America in 1950?

Yolande Fox
Miss America 1951/Winners

Who is the recent Miss America?

Camille Schrier
Current titleholder Camille Schrier, Miss America 2020, held the role for an extra year as the COVID-19 pandemic continued.

Who was Miss America 2021?

Emma Broyles
Miss Alaska, Emma Broyles, Crowned Miss America. The contestant from Alaska has been crowned Miss America at an event marking the competition’s 100th anniversary. Dec. 16, 2021, at 10:36 p.m.

Who was the first Miss America winner?

Margaret Gorman
Margaret Gorman, winner of the 1921 “Inter-City Beauty” contest and the first Miss America.

Which state has won Miss America the most?

Oklahoma is the most winning state with six wins throughout the pageant’s history. Louisiana, Maryland, and West Virginia have yet to win the title.

Where was the Miss America pageant in 1948?

Miss America 1948, the 22nd Miss America pageant, was held at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey on September 11, 1948. The winner, BeBe Shopp, was the first Miss Minnesota to take the crown. Shopp performed a song on a Vibraharp during the talent competition.

Who was the third runner-up of Miss America 1948?

Third runner-up, Miss Kansas, Vera J. Ralston, and another finalist, representing Chicago, Lois Nettleton, went on to become a successful Hollywood actress. ^ Associated Press (1948-09-12).

Who won the 1998 Miss America pageant?

^ Curran, John (September 19, 1998). “Miss Virginia Nicole Johnson wins Miss America pageant”. Times Daily. ^ Ruiz Patton, Susan (September 20, 1999). “Miss Pa. Played Violin Flawlessly Despite Format Changes That Cut Performances In Half, Susan Spafford Made The Most Of Her Opportunity”.

When was the last time a woman won the Miss America pageant?

No winners were crowned from 1928 to 1932, in 1934 or 1950. One contestant won back-to-back pageants. And two women held the title of Miss America 1984: Miss New Jersey Suzette Charles assumed the role after Vanessa Williams, the first Black winner of the pageant, relinquished her title over a nude photo scandal.

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