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Who were the Crawshay family?

Who were the Crawshay family?

CRAWSHAY family, of Cyfarthfa, Glamorganshire, industrialists

  • RICHARD CRAWSHAY (1739 – 1810),
  • WILLIAM CRAWSHAY I (1764 – 1834),
  • WILLIAM CRAWSHAY II 1788 – 1867),

Where did William Crawshay live?

William Crawshay (1764 – 11 August 1834) was a South Wales industrialist. The son of Richard Crawshay, he took over the Cyfarthfa Ironworks from his father, but it was never his primary concern, and he continued to live in London, where he took charge of the company’s selling agency.

How did Richard Crawshay treat his workers?

Crawshay’s egalitarian relationship with his staff, astounding in an age when industrialists were known for their ruthless and often inhumane treatment of staff, is revealed in an exhibition of the portraits at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff.

Who lived in Cyfarthfa Castle?

Crawshay family
Cyfarthfa Castle (Welsh: Castell Cyfarthfa; [kəˈvarθva]) is a castellated mansion that was the home of the Crawshay family, ironmasters of Cyfarthfa Ironworks in Park, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.

Why was Richard Crawshay important?

He was active in protecting the interests of the iron trade and was a major promoter of the Glamorganshire Canal which immensely improved transport of iron to Cardiff Docks.

What is the historical significance of Cyfarthfa Castle?

‘Ironmaster’ William Crawshay commissioned Cyfarthfa Castle in 1824. This grand castellated mansion overlooked his immensely successful ironworks and has been called, “the most impressive monument of the Industrial Iron Age in South Wales.

Who owns Merthyr castle?

Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Trust
Cyfarthfa Castle

Castell Cyfarthfa
Front view of Cyfarthfa Castle
Type Historic house museum, art museum
Architect Robert Lugar
Owner Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Trust

How did Richard Crawshay get to Merthyr Tydfil?

The first Crawshay to travel to Merthyr Tydfil was Richard Crawshay (1739 – 1810), the son of a Yorkshire yeoman born at Normanton, near Leeds. He quarrelled with his father and at only 16 years of age travelled to London without money. He sold his pony for £15, and took employment in an iron-warehouse selling flat-irons.

Who was Sir Thomas Crawshay?

He began his involvement in the iron of Merthyr Tydfil in 1777 when he became the merchant partner of Anthony Bacon, who was a major government supplier of ordnance from his iron foundry at Cyfarthfa Ironworks, established in the late 1760s. Following Bacon’s death in 1786, Crawshay acquired the lease of Cyfarthfa.

Did Richard Crawshay set up Cyfarthfa Ironworks?

Contrary to popular belief this family did not set up the Cyfarthfa Ironworks although they eventually managed to obtain sole ownership. The first Crawshay to travel to Merthyr Tydfil was Richard Crawshay (1739 – 1810), the son of a Yorkshire yeoman born at Normanton, near Leeds.

Who was Richard Crawshay’s son?

Richard sent his son William Crawshay I (1764 – 1834) to oversee some of the experimentation that was being undertaken to resolve these problems.

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