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Who were the crew on the Titanic?

Who were the crew on the Titanic?


Name Age Position
Smith, Commander Edward John, RNR 62 Captain
Wilde, Lieutenant Henry Tingle, RNR 39 Chief Officer
Murdoch, Lieutenant William McMaster, RNR 39 First Officer
Lightoller, Sub-Lieutenant Charles Herbert, RNR 38 Second Officer

What happened to the designers of the Titanic?

The designer of the Titanic went down with his ship, whereas the man whose company owned the liner left on the last lifeboat, a decision he almost immediately regretted. The most senior officer to survive the tragedy later went on to become a hero at Dunkirk in World War II.

Are there any Titanic survivors still alive?

Today, there are no survivors left. The last survivor Millvina Dean, who was just two months old at the time of the tragedy, died in 2009 at the age of 97. Here’s a look back at some of the fortunate few who survived “the unsinkable Titanic.”

Did all of Titanic’s sister ships sink?

Yet, although all three ships were built, the plan was never fulfilled. The second ship, Titanic, was to become world famous through sinking with huge loss of life on her maiden voyage.

Was anyone trapped in the Titanic?

Passengers were trapped inside the titanic but they didn’t survive long while descending under water. The watertight compartments of the titanic were all open topped. As soon as water reached the top of each compartment, the water poured over and filled that compartment, killing anyone trapped there.

How many of Titanic crew survived?

908 – the total number of crew members on board the RMS Titanic. 696 – the number of crew members who perished. 212 – the number of crew members who survived.

Why is Thomas Andrews to blame for the sinking of the Titanic?

It was Thomas Andrews’ fault The belief that the ship was unsinkable was, in part, due to the fact that the Titanic had sixteen watertight compartments. If Mr Andrews, the ship’s architect, had insisted on making them the correct height then maybe the Titanic would not have sunk.

Did they find skeletons in the Titanic?

— People have been diving to the Titanic’s wreck for 35 years. No one has found human remains, according to the company that owns the salvage rights. “Fifteen hundred people died in that wreck,” said Paul Johnston, curator of maritime history at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

What sank the Olympic?

In September 1911 during its fifth commercial voyage, the Olympic collided with the HMS Hawke near the Isle of Wight, southern England. It was later determined that suction from the Olympic had pulled the Hawke into the ocean liner.

What was the Titanic’s real name?

The reason the titanic is often referred to as ‘RMS Titanic’ is because the RMS stands for Royal Mail Ship.

How many crew members were on board Titanic?

Included in this list are the nine-member Guarantee Group and the eight members of the ship’s band, who were given passenger accommodations and treated as both passengers and crew. They are also included in the list of passengers on board RMS Titanic . Crew members are colour-coded, indicating whether they were saved or perished.

What was the Titanic crew made up of?

The Titanic crew consisted of the captain, several officers, and deckhands who accompanied the ship on its fateful voyage. In all, the Titanic crew comprised some 885 people: Deck Crew – Officers, Masters at arms, Storemasters and able bodied seamen. Engineering Department – Engineers, Boilermen, Firemen and Electricians.

When was the first crew hired on the Titanic?

April 3, 1912: Cargo and supplies are loaded onto the ship in Southampton, and the firstcrew members are hired. on Saturday, April 6, 1912: The rest of the crew is hired, many of them local residents of Southampton. This was the same day the coal strike ended.

How many female stewardesses were on the Titanic?

20 stewardesses along with one “matron” and two restaurant cashiers, were the only female members of the crew; all but seven of whom survived. The stewardesses’ duties were similar to the male stewards’, although they usually served only women passengers.

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