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Why choose Grohe kitchen faucets?

Why choose Grohe kitchen faucets?

GROHE offers kitchen faucets in a wide range of styles, and a huge selection of features that have been engineered to bring convenience and efficiency into the kitchen. Beautifully designed options are available to fit any decor, offering unique innovations like FootControl hands-free faucet use, or on-demand chilled and sparkling water.

What is Grohe smartcontrol?

GROHE SmartControl offers not just a choice of shower sprays, but also the precise control of water flow. GROHE SmartControl features an integrated volume control for an individual shower experience. A simple push of a button starts or stops the desired shower.

What is Grohe turbostat?

GROHE TurboStat technology lies at the heart of our Grohtherm® thermostatic valves. The thermoelement’s unrivaled sensitivity means it delivers water at the desired temperature within a fraction of a second – and keeps it constant for the duration of the shower.

How do I set up my Grohe shower?

First: Choose your shower outlets (showerheads, hand showers, body sprays) Second: Choose your mixing valve (SmartControl, Grohtherm 2-Hand Thermostatic Trims) with the associated rough valve. Third: Choose your additional accessories (shower arm, shower hose, slide bar, soap dish, etc.) Introducing Moments of Truth by GROHE.

What is Grohe turbostat®?

With its unrivaled sensitivity, the GROHE TurboStat® technology delivers water at the desired temperature within a fraction of a second – and keeps it consistent for the duration of your shower. Experience advanced technology in the bathroom with GROHE.

What is a Grohe shower?

Large or extra-large; fitted flush to the ceiling or wall mounted; GROHE showers come in all shapes, styles and sizes – each one designed with your satisfaction and enjoyment in mind. Think of a shower. Isn’t it simply water droplets falling down? It’s hardly rocket science.

What’s new with Grohe smartcontrol?

Other exciting developments include the innovative GROHE SmartControl technology that lets you choose the outlet, the water flow and temperature as desired. Operation is simple and easy for the whole family – simply push to start and stop, then turn to adjust the water flow.

How do I contact Grohe America?

CONTACT US. GROHE AMERICA, INC. 450 Devon Ave. Suite 175. Itasca, Il 60143. For Consumers and Professionals requiring support such as technical product and warranty inquiries: Phone: +1 (855) 815-4726. FAX: +1 (800) 225-2778.

What is grohtherm Grohe smartcontrol?

The Grohtherm® GROHE SmartControl® trim combines space-saving convenience in the shower and slim good looks. With a depth of only 3 ⁄8” (10 mm), its super slim design makes the GROHE SmartControl wall plate both elegant and compact.

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