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Why did my Craftsman Shop-Vac stop working?

Why did my Craftsman Shop-Vac stop working?

Clean the filter if it has become clogged and the Craftsman shop vac’s performance deteriorates. Unplug the power cord and remove the wing nut and plate on the bottom of the filter. Remove the filter by pulling it off the wire guide. Shake the filter to remove dust and then run water through it.

Are Shop-Vac and Craftsman the same?

The Craftsman vac is actually a bit larger than the Shop-Vac despite having the same 16-gallon tank capacity. I attribute this to the differences in motor size and feature sets of both vacs. However, for the size of the vacs, when lifted simultaneously by their carrying handles, the weights seems comparable.

Does Craftsman filter fit vac?

Product Description. High quality replacement filter designed to fit most Shop Vac Wet / Dry models. This cartridge-designed filter will fit in Craftsman and ShopVac models.

How much is a Craftsman 16 gallon Shop-Vac?

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Why did my shop vac loses suction?

The most common causes of loss of suction are dirty filters or a clog in the hose. If a crack or hole is found, replace the hose. If you do not feel suction at the inlet, turn the vacuum off and unplug from the outlet. Follow the steps in the user manual that came with the vac to clean the filter.

Why is my shop vac not vacuuming?

A blockage or constriction in your vacuum hose can significantly impact the performance of a shop vac. If your vacuum suddenly loses suction, Buckner suggests you check for kinks or wear in the hose, or feel for something lodged inside it that can be shaken out.

Which shop vacuum has the strongest suction?

The aforementioned Ridgid WD1450 and the Craftsman 12007 are notably among the shop vacs with the strongest suction at 6.5 HP and boast 14-16 gallon tanks, making them the strongest shop vacuums for big jobs.

Is Craftsman a good vacuum cleaner?

The Craftsman 12004 was our overall pick for the best wet/dry shop vacuum because it offered the most well-balanced combination of high power, usability, and versatility. The only weak spot was the Craftsman’s lack of attachments. It comes with two extension wands, a floor squeegee for wet pickup, and a utility nozzle.

What size filter does my Craftsman shop vac take?

17816 Filter Replacement Cartridge for Craftsman Shop Vac Wet Dry Air Filter Fit 5 Gallon & Larger Vacuum Cleaner (8.5″ x 6.5″) –

Can I use my Craftsman shop vac without the filter?

Depending on the structure and model, there can be a risk of damaging or breaking your cleaning tool. You may use a shop vac without a filter while cleaning an open space. But if you must clean an enclosed space and avoid cases where the wet dry vac blows dust back into the air, cleaning with a filter is installed.

Where are craftsman shop vacs manufactured?

Craftsman shop vacuums are made in China. They do carry a full one year warranty. For one year from date of purchase, they are warranted against any defects in material or workmanship.

Where are craftsman vacuum cleaners made?

It is made in USA with US and global components.

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