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Why did Trina brother get killed?

Why did Trina brother get killed?

Tuesday morning around 9:35 a.m., Wilbrent Bain Jr., the brother of local rap legend Trina (born Katrina Laverne Taylor), was shot and killed in Northwest Miami-Dade near 91st Street after a dispute with a friend devolved into gunshots. His street name was “Goonkie.” He’d survived another shooting in 2008.

Who was Trina’s brother?

Wilbrent Bain Jr.Trina / Brother

How did Trick Daddy Brother Hollywood died?

Trina used to date Trick Daddy’s half-brother Derek “Hollywood” Harris (see photo below). In 1994, while sitting in a parked 1987 Buick, Hollywood was shot and killed. He was 23.

What happened to Trina’s mom?

Trina’s mother, Vernessa ‘Nessa’ Taylor, passed away on Tuesday following a battle with cancer. She was 62. TMZ confirmed the news with a family representative, who also asked for privacy during this period of mourning.

Why did Trina go to jail?

After Trina Garnett spent 42 years in jail for starting a fire that caused the accidental death of two of her friends when she was 14, Pennsylvania’s mandatory sentencing laws were finally overturned and Trina got to go home. She was granted parole on November 9, 2017 and released in November 2019.

Is Bobby lytes and Trina related?

Music Artist and songwriter, Bobby Lytes, was born on the 24th of October 1990 in Homestead, Florida. Bobby isn’t the only musician in his family, as his cousin is American rapper, Trina, who is also a cast member on Love & Hip Hop!

What happened to Trina and Trick Daddy morning show?

Trick Daddy and Trina’s radio show has reportedly been canceled. Trina and Trick Daddy have officially been fired from their jobs as morning radio show hosts, as reported exclusively by The Jasmine Brand. According to the report, the two Florida rappers were pulled from their radio show on 99JAMZ.

Who was Vanessa to Trina?

Vernessa “Nessa” Taylor, the mother of rapper and reality star, Katrina “Trina” Taylor, died on Monday morning, ET has learned. She was 62. Taylor passed away at approximately 12.30 a.m. following a battle with cancer.

What is Bobby lytes dad in jail for?

Bobby was raised in Miami Dede Country by a single mother. His father struggled with drug addiction and often ended up in prison.

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