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Why does my iPhone keep restarting when charging?

Why does my iPhone keep restarting when charging?

When your iPhone restarts while charging: Your iPhone may restart during charging if there is an issue with any of its hardware, including the device itself, charging cable, and charging port. Broken hardware could easily cause a short circuit or other security problems, explaining why your iPhone is restarting.

How do I fix my iPhone 3GS when it wont charge?

Plug your iPhone 3GS into your computer or AC adapter and see if anything happens. Ideally your iPhone 3GS will recognize it has been connected to a power source and charge its battery. If it will no longer charge, the battery must be swapped with a replacement battery.

Why does my iPhone keep restarting and not charging?

Check For A Hardware Problem Hardware problems are a common reason why iPhones get stuck in a restart loop. If you’re using a case on your iPhone, remove it before you continue. Look closely at the charging port on the bottom of your iPhone. Check to see if any debris is stuck inside and for signs of corrosion.

How long does it take to charge iPhone 3GS?

Because of it’s size it isn’t as powerful as some of the cases, but the 1000mAh Lithium-Ion battery is still more than enough to give you a few more hours use from your phone. The Mobile Power Station can be charged in less than 2 hours using your standard Apple iPhone USB Cable or Mains Charger.

Why does my phone keep restarting while charging?

Things to try, in increasing order of desperation: clear system cache; try it in Safe Mode; re-flash the firmware; factory reset; send the phone in for warranty repair or replacement. It’s quite possibly a hardware failure, in which case only the last step will help.

Is it OK to restart iPhone while charging?

That won’t damage your phone.

How do I know if my iPhone 3GS is charging?

You can check that an iPhone is being charged via the ever-present battery icon in the top right corner. There will be a lightning bolt in the middle of the battery icon to indicate that the phone is charging, and the icon should appear green.

Why does my iPhone keep restarting after water damage?

Hardware issues: When the iPhone encounters a drop or water damage, a hardware component failure (such as a power button failure) can also cause the iPhone to continue to restart. Before making any fixes that may lose data, make sure your iPhone data is backed up.

Why does my phone keep restarting when charging?

How long does it take to charge 1 percent on iPhone?

Typically it takes 1 minute for 1% from near 0% to about 80%. Above 80%, it will take much longer because the rate of charging is not controlled by the power of the charger. Above 80%, minimizing battery heating and the transition from current based charging to voltage based charging takes hold.

How long does it take to charge a phone to 100?

It takes about 2 hours 30 minutes to charge from 1% to 100% on a third party 10W wireless charger.

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