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Why does Pinchwife lock her new wife up in a room in their home?

Why does Pinchwife lock her new wife up in a room in their home?

He tells Pinchwife that he saw him at the theatre the previous night with a beautiful young woman. Margery is excited by this, and begs to know the young man’s name, so Pinchwife locks her in her room to punish her. Just then, Sparkish arrives with Harcourt to visit Alithea and to show his fiancée off to his friend.

What happens at the end of The Country Wife?

In a final trickster masterpiece, Horner averts the danger, joining forces with his more sophisticated lovers to persuade the jealous Pinchwife to at least pretend to believe Horner impotent and his own wife still innocent.

Who is Mr Pinchwife Why does he want to keep his wife away from the Society of London?

Pinchwife is Margery’s husband. He is obsessively jealous and is terrified of being made to look foolish and of gaining a reputation as a “cuckold.” He has chosen Margery for a wife because he believes that she is innocent and naïve and therefore easy to control.

Why is The Country Wife important?

The Country-Wife, comedy of manners in five acts by Restoration dramatist William Wycherley, performed and published in 1675. It satirizes the sexual duplicity of the aristocracy during the reign of Charles II.

Who is Sparkish in The Country Wife?

Sparkish is a vain, foolish socialite who is obsessed with his reputation and “honor,” has an extremely high opinion of himself, and is easily tricked by the clever characters in the play, such as Harcourt and Horner. Sparkish is engaged to Pinchwife’s sister, Alithea, but he is only marrying her for her money.

What is the relationship between Horner and Lady Fidget?

He makes endless and mindless jokes about Horner’s alleged impotence. Dainty Fidget is their daughter, and also in love with Horner. He is Alithea’s lover. A witty, ebullient man with an intelligent flair, he wants to marry her, which, in the context of Restoration comedies, is unusual.

When was the Country Wife banned?

Inspired by French farce, William Wycherley’s The Country Wife had long been considered highly controversial for its excess of sexual innuendo. It was well received initially in 1675 during the English Restoration, but shortly thereafter, The Country Wife was banned from the stage until the 1920s.

What is the relationship between Mr and Mrs Pinchwife?

Pinchwife deceive her husband, Mr. Pinchwife. One of the principal characters of the play, he is a jealous husband who tries his best to keep his wife, Margery, from being seduced by Horner. Because of his inefficient machinations, he becomes a cuckold.

What are the themes in The Country Wife?

The Country Wife Themes

  • Reputation, Appearance, and Hypocrisy. William Wycherly’s The Country Wife criticizes Restoration society (late 17th century England) for its hypocrisy.
  • Love, Marriage, and Misogyny.
  • Theatre, Puritanism, and Forbidden Desire.
  • Town vs.

Who is Sparkish in Country Wife?

How is marriage portrayed in The Country Wife?

Marriage is not depicted as a symbol of love in The Country Wife and, instead, is associated with qualities such as hatred, greed, and misogyny. Wycherly is critical of this model for marriage and portrays married life as an unnatural, unpleasant state that puts women in danger of mistreatment by their husbands.

Who is the protagonist in Country Wife?

Harcourt and his beloved, Alithea, with their intelligence, wit, and humane principles, make The Country Wife an interesting play. Mr. Horner is the main character and protagonist of the play.

What is the plot of the country wife?

The Country Wife Summary. After the departure of the Fidgets, Horner’s two friends, Frank Harcourt and Mr. Dorilant, enter and banter with him about women, wine, and friendship. Soon the fatuous Mr. Sparkish arrives, bores the three friends with his pretensions to wit, and is driven away.

What is Sparkish and Pinchwife talking about?

After a brief discussion between Horner and The Quack, Pinchwife re-enters with Sparkish. Pinchwife and Sparkish are discussing the latter’s marriage to Alethea, which may be invalid, as the authenticity of the parson is now in doubt.

What kind of person is Mr Sparkish?

Sparkish is a bore and so arrogant that he does not understand when they insult him and ask him to leave. They eventually succeed in seeing Sparkish off just in time for Mr. Pinchwife to arrive. Pinchwife was a womanizer in his youth but has recently married a young woman from the country.

What happens to Sparkish and Harcourt at the wedding?

Sparkish enters with Harcourt, who is disguised as his fictional brother “Ned,” the parson, who is to officiate at the wedding. Alethea tries in vain to make Sparkish see through the disguise; eventually she gives up and agrees to submit to what she knows will be an invalid marriage ceremony.

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