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Why hike Sai Kung?

Why hike Sai Kung?

Sai Kung charms residents and visitors alike with the sheer beauty of its long white beaches, clear jade sea and mountainous terrain. We have selected a range of beautiful trails at all levels of difficulties to introduce some of the best hikes in Sai Kung, whilst there are plenty more hikes to discover all around Hong Kong. Happy exploring!

How to get to Sai Kung in Hong Kong?

Depending on your location, there may be plenty of ways to get to Sai Kung which may involve switching modes of transport multiple times. I would advise you to check the fastest way on Google Maps. Keep in mind that getting to Sai Kung can be a long journey especially for those living on Hong Kong Island.

What is Sai Kung East Country Park?

Some of these villages are really remote- there is no road leading to them, but only narrow paved paths. All this area is turned into a few natural parks, called Sai Kung East Country Park, West Country Park, and UNESCO Global Geo Park (featuring the volcanic sites of Sai Kung).

What is the highest point in Sai Kung?

The highest point in Sai Kung is Shek Uk peak (481 m altitude), located in the western part of the peninsula. Another prominent peak is Sharp Peak, located north of Tai Long Bay.

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