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Why is Arkaroo Rock important?

Why is Arkaroo Rock important?

Arkaroo Rock is a significant cultural site for the Adnyamathanha people of the Flinders Ranges. This hike goes to a rock shelter with their rock paintings featuring ochre and charcoal images that depict the Yura Muda (Dreaming, or creation story) of Ikara (Wilpena Pound).

How old is Arkaroo rock?

5,000 years old
Arkaroo Rock They are thought to be over 5,000 years old and a place of great significance to the Adnyamathanha people.

Where is Brachina Gorge?

Where is Brachina Gorge? Brachina Gorge is part of the Ikara – Flinders Ranges National Park. The turn off to Brachina Gorge Road is about 30 minutes from the Wilpena Pound Visitor Centre. Brachina Gorge road runs between the Flinders Ranges Way at one end and the Outback Highway at the other.

Do you need a 4WD for Flinders Ranges?

Driving is a great way to experience the Flinders Ranges and Outback. You do not need a 4WD to explore the region. Check out our maps section to see the sealed road network and be aware that the unsealed roads are not 4WD tracks, they are just unsealed roads.

Do you need a pass for Flinders Ranges?

A Park Pass is required to access the Flinders Ranges National Park. Park Passes ($11 per vehicle as of 1 July 2019) can be purchased at the Wilpena Pound Visitor’s Centre. You can also purchase a Multi Park Pass.

Can you camp anywhere in the Flinders Ranges?

Welcome to Flinders Ranges National Park. You can choose to set up camp here at the well-appointed campground that has all the facilities of a caravan park or move on into the park proper where there are many campgrounds with numbered sites that are well spaced to provide some privacy.

Can I take my dog to Flinders Ranges?

The Flinders Ranges is dog friendly. Other than the national parks that covers only some of the ranges 41000 square kilometres and a handful of attractions, we found dogs are welcome. Camp, hike and sightsee with your dog, together you will have a brilliant experience!

Do you need a four wheel drive for Flinders Ranges?

Do I need a 4WD for Flinders Ranges?

Do you need a 4WD for Arkaroola?

A 4WD vehicle is highly recommended although it is possible to get there using a 2WD. Whatever type of vehicle you take you should ensure you have two (2) spare tyres! The road into Arkaroola is littered with blown tyres. The road can be impassable after rain as there are many floodways that cross the road.

Where is Arkaroo Rock located?

Arkaroo Rock is a small cave with ancient aboriginal paintings, located at the base of the Wilpena Pound in the southern part of the Flinders Ranges National Park. It can be found not far from Wilpena – just 16 kilometres, and if you drive from Wilpena to Hawker, to get to the Arkaroo Rock you will need…

Where are the best Aboriginal rock art sites in the Flinders?

Arkaroo Rock has some of the most easily accessible Aboriginal rock art in the Flinders Ranges. Whilst the Flinders is well known for having many rock art sites, most are not known to the public, so Arkaroo Rock is a great opportunity to see some beautifully preserved paintings with very little effort.

How long does it take to walk to Arkaroo Rock?

It can be found not far from Wilpena – just 16 kilometres, and if you drive from Wilpena to Hawker, to get to the Arkaroo Rock you will need to turn right onto the unsealed road marked with “Arakroo Rock” sign. Â At the end of the road, there is a 1.5 kilometres walking track to the cave, it is recommended to allow 1-2 hours to complete it.

How much does it cost to get into Flinders Ranges National Park?

A vehicle entry fee of $10 ($8 Concession) is payable to enter the Flinders Ranges National Park. Park Day Passes are available from the self-registration stations located throughout the National Park or you can purchase a multipass from the Flinders Ranges Information Centres in Quorn and Wilpena Pound Village.

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