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Will YJ doors fit on a CJ?

Will YJ doors fit on a CJ?

I have a 1986 Jeep CJ-7 and I purchased a YJ hand top from one person and YJ full steel doors from another person. I had to make some adjustments to the windshield angle but was able to get everything to fit well. The striker on the drivers side also needed to be adjusted slightly. It does work.

What year Jeep CJ is best?

The most valuable CJ is the 1977-1980 CJ-7 Golden Eagle 4×4 with the 150-hp, 304-cubic-inch V-8 engine. The #2-condition (Excellent) value is $18,200, which increased 15.2 percent since September 2016. On average, CJ-7s are up in value 14.7 percent over that same time period.

Are cj5 and CJ7 doors the same?

Mechanically, the 5 and 7 are identical. The only difference is the rear driveshaft… well, and lengths of rear brake lines, wiring, fuel lines, etc. The top, doors, rollbar, carpet, etc. will not swap, the front and rear seats will though. The only difference (assuming same year) in a 5 and 7 was the length.

What is a Cj7 worth?

For example, a recent auction to benefit a charity for US military personnel and their families saw one sell for the astounding price of $1.3 million. However, that is not often the case. Currently, you can find a CJ-7 for sale for anywhere from $18,000 to $33,000, for one in drivable and very-good condition.

What’s the difference between a Cj5 and a Cj7 Jeep?

The main difference between the Cj5 and Cj7 models is that Cj5 is smaller in size and had a manual transmission. Cj7 is comparatively more massive, with the addition of a more extended wheelhouse to allow automatic transmission. Here, a longer wheelbase was introduced to allow the jeep to have automatic transmission.

How can I tell if I have a CJ5 or CJ7?

The easiest way to tell the two models apart is to look at their size. The CJ7 is definitely bigger. It’s longer and taller than the CJ5 and has more leg room. However, the Jeep CJ5 is wider and has a shorter wheelbase, which is great for tight turns.

What does Jeep CJ mean?

civilian Jeep
In 1944, Willys-Overland, one of the two main manufacturers of the World War II military Jeep, built the first prototypes for a commercial version – the CJ, short for “civilian Jeep”.

What does Jeep CJ stand for?

Are CJ7 and YJ doors the same?

CJ-7 doors are pretty much the same thing as YJ doors.

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