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6 Therapeutic Activities to Do at Home During Lockdown

6 Therapeutic Activities to Do at Home During Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has affected our routine by restricting human interaction. Governments all over the world enforce lockdown to counter the spread of the virus. With little to do, people become bored, leading to unproductivity and other assorted risks. This article provides therapeutic activities to do at home at less or zero cost to keep your body active.

Home Reorganizing

A home should be your haven where your mind rests easy after a tiring day. Owing to your tight schedule before the lockdown, you might have little time to reorganise your home. The lockdown allows you to look at other ways of organising your home. Consider the following steps in remodelling your home:

  • Home cleaning – do a thorough cleanup in all rooms by targeting the hard-to-reach places. Areas like under the chairs, behind the sink, the store, and behind the cupboard. If you have a home office, empty the safes and cabinets, and clean them. Ensure you touch all the corners of the rooms, equipment, and furniture.
  • Home decluttering – remove all unwanted materials to free up some space. Create space for new things or give room to ease mobility within the premise. The additional space may be used for extra-curricular activities such as an art studio, an exercise parlour or a home office. Home decluttering changes the house’s structure and gives you multiple options on how best to reorganise your home.

Re-decorate your House

General home arrangements should feature prominently on your list of activities to do during the lockdown. Depending on your taste, preference, and the availability of décor, you can turn around your home’s appearance. The ample time gives you time to think of the best colour theme and how best to arrange the rooms. If you want to create a perfect impression, consider the following ideas

  • Use at most 3 colour themes, of which one should be neutral.
  • The main colours should be on either the window curtains, the mat/rug, or the chair cushions.
  • There should be seamless colour flow in the house, with the neutral colour breaking the monotony.

The warmth and satisfaction derived from the whole experience form part of the productive activities to do during lockdown. It transforms the house into a home and creates a serene atmosphere where you can enjoy the ambiance and tranquillity.


If you have a home garden, it is a perfect place to hang out during this lockdown. Gardening may be a hobby to many but can be one of the integral therapeutic activities during the lockdown. Pruning the flowers, watering them, removing the weeds, and clearing the pathways is a transformation that you will be glad to undertake. Also, you can plant more flowers to utilise free space. The fresh air outside and time utilisation can keep your mind sane during this difficult time.

Family Treasure Hunt

While this pandemic is going on, it can be a perfect opportunity for families to be creative and have fun. You can have your kids or even the whole family join in a classic Treasure Run or Treasure Hunt. Although this kind of activity is only popular during Easter (Easter Egg hunt), you can always make do and unleash your creativity with another form of treasure hunt. If you have a garden, you can bury little treasures of memory or gifts which you can give to your kids while giving them exciting and fun clues in finding them.

Just to be on the safe side, you should also make sure that you take necessary precautions in order to make your kids and family safe. You can make the treasure hunt strictly indoors only so as to avoid the kids from going out of the house.

Learn New Recipe

You might have come across an enticing recipe online or from a friend. Lockdown is the perfect time to try it out. Gather all the ingredients, clean them, and follow the prescribed steps one-by-one to maturity. If the outcome turns out perfect, you have learnt something new. If it doesn’t, it forms part of the lessons and memories you accrue over time.

There are numerous food recipes on YouTube and blogs to try out. For a first-timer, try out the simpler ones and slowly graduate to the more complex ones. For seasoned chefs, it is the perfect time to try out new dishes.

Body Exercise

Lockdown gives you a lot of free time to do body exercise. If you have a home gym, your workout sessions are cut out. If not, all you need is a mat and free space. The intensity of the workout program varies based on experience. If you are starting, do simple workouts using your body weight to exercise. It includes press-ups, sit-ups, and frog jumps.

An experienced person can go deeper by training specific body parts until they attain particular workout goals. However, accompany these exercises with proper nutrition to complete the curve. It trains the muscles and keeps the mind alert and focused, topping the list of activities to do at home.


Therapeutic activities during lockdown should concentrate on both the mind and body. The effects of the coronavirus pandemic cut across the social divide, condemning everyone to their homes. It prompts us to use this time to make them a safe and exciting place to live. Nature has given us time to think about ourselves. Let’s use it to make our homes better.

About the author:

Patryk Panczuk runs a removals and storage company called Removals & Storage Experts based in London. He is passionate about helping people make a new house a home and to do away with the stress of moving.

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